American cultural guardians dump on Ghomeshi

Animal sends this: Judge finds Ghomeshi innocent: Must be patriarchal bullshit, says Manhattan high.

Writer urges Trudeau to speak out.

= Make it easier for Canadian courts to just lacrosse some guy by letting them know what our national Blight House wants.

If Justin wants to prove he’s Obama North, that’s pretty much what he should do.

All the better if he doesn’t know much about the case.

Come to think of it, he should have made his wishes known before the verdict…

  • huron

    ooohh that is rich har har ps nicinice budgetJustin is a fool or mayby the 39 are

  • Jay Currie

    The reaction has been all one would expect. First the verdict then the trial as the Red Queen would put it.

    Lord knows what the cops and the Crown were thinking. It is actually their job to test the evidence and the credibility of witnesses before bringing on a case. Half hour interviews don’t suggest much testing took place and the verdict simply confirms that fact.

    No doubt Jian is a worthless turd but he is now and innocent worthless turd because the cops and the Crown rushed to Court without actually having a sustainable case.

    • How sure are we that longer interviews would have helped, Jay Currie? I’d gotten the distinct impression that it was a questionable case all along, made possible by the fact that he seems like a piece of work. No?

    • Gary

      It’s more like the gestapo or the SS Black shirts. you’ll get a fair trial and then taken out back to be shot. If you cooperate with the gestapo and turn people in , the benefit is that you’ll be shot last.

    • Lucy has penned an “explanatory” in today’s Guardian.

      What is surprising is how the commenters, even there are savaging her explanation.

      However she maintains that no one informed her of the importance of “post incident contact.

      She does however leave out mention of the 5000 communications exchanged with the other witness wherein they discuss ruining Ghomeshi.

  • Spatchcocked

    The broads were turds as well….I blame the CBC.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I expected more from a cast member of Trailer Park Boys.

  • Will Quest

    Ugly, violent neurotics decide to hook-up and we throw-up !

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  • Gary

    Watch for a $100 million lawsuit against the CBC which Justin will pay for with out tax dollars.

    • terrence

      Nope – he signed a contract saying he would do or say NOTHING that put the CBC in bad light; these things say nothing about being found guilty or innocent in a court of law.

      Apparently all radio talk show hosts sign this kind of agreement; and this is why he was fired (besmirching the CBC). A Vancouver talk show host went into great detail about it – he had been fired under such terms awhile ago. He said there was NOTHING he could do about it; and that he was certain that Jian signed such a contract, and that Jian would have started a case against the CBC as soon as he was fired. He said that Jian’s NOT starting such a case was evidence of the contract being in place (he had no grounds to sue).

      • Gary

        But he’s a brown man of Iran background and can use the muslim card.

        The court go easy on Honour killing muslims males which the feminists and gay don’t say squat about ISIS and their abuse to gays and women.
        Would you bet all the money you have that a back room deal wouldn’t be made .

    • He is or was suing for 55 million however a prominent labour lawyer says it doesn’t stand a chance – Ghomeshi was a union and member and his only option was to grieve it through the union.

      Further his firing was not related to the events of this trial.

      • Gary

        But wait, the HRC’s has ruled in favour of drunks that suffered a lose of their job because the employer knew of a issue for substance abuse or domestic abuse and didn’t act to help them .
        there is now way the Suits at the CBC didn’t know this person had a anger issue and was beating up white non-msulim women as an iranni
        background male .

        He’s got the minority card and shariah on his side.
        Anything tied to islam trumps our laws and Charter. Look at how the jew-hating child-bride friendly al-quds day is endorsed by the HRC and Wynne.

      • Here’s an assessment of Ghomeshi’s poition that may be of use to some: