Young Muslims in the West: A Ticking Time Bomb?

muslim support for suicide bombing

On the back of the Brussels terror attack it is worthwhile remembering that while a majority of Muslims in the West appear to have no truck with terrorism or extremism, there are a significant number who sympathize with terrorism and repeatedly attempt to justify attacks on the West.

  • It would seem so. Many terrorists are 2nd and 3rd generation, well educated, “integrated” but for all that they still wish to kill us to satisfy their bloodthirsty cult beliefs.

    • Clink9

      They’ve been raised in societies that refuse to stand up for themselves anymore. Almost like the left has been working on this for 60 years.

    • People keep comparing them to the first generation Irish – but the Irish assimilated. If anything, subsequent Moslem generations are more radical.

  • There is a terrorism problem within Islam yet no one will say that aloud. If the media did their job instead of hastening our descent into socialism, we’d be more aware and safer. When 26% of US Moslems support suicide bombing, that’s justification for protection of the public through whatever means necessary. Those numbers are undoubtedly the same for Canada except you’re looking at a significantly higher overall population percentage in the near future.

  • Alain

    Muslims anywhere are a ticking time bomb.