What World War II Can Teach Us About Islamic Terror

On March 18, international counterterror authorities celebrated the capture of Salah Abdeslam, the ISIS-linked Belgium national heavily responsible for last year’s Islamic terror attacks in Paris. Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel awoke Tuesday morning to find ISIS had rocked Brussels again. Two explosions at the Brussels airport and a third at the city’s train station killed 34 people and injured hundreds.

The escalating acts of Islamic terrorism in the last six months—with multiple attacks on Paris, attacks in Brussels, and even the far-reaching relatively unprecedenteddomestic attack in San Bernardino, California—show the deep-rooted hold of the greatest generational challenge of our time: radical Islam. ISIS has already devastated a Muslim population in the Middle East. Now, the most grotesque manifestation of radical Islam to date has its eyes deadlocked on the West.

  • andycanuck

    OT: What’s the photo title/description, BCF? I was wondering if they’re Canadians in NW Europe. (Was wondering about Ortona at first but then noticed it looks like red brickwork on the wall that I wouldn’t expect in Italy—not that I’m an architectural fan or expert.)

    • They are Canadians, it is Ortona.

      • andycanuck


        Should have trusted my first instinct. I knew Canadian because of the Thompson gunner. I don’t think the Brits had them issued to line troops.

  • Spatchcocked

    Hey… My dad was there…. Shot by sniper in the town….Seaforths Highlander out of Vancouver……Regiment had Smoky Smith in it and my murder lawyer the great Harry Rankin.
    FYI even the Romans used a red brick….see it lots in Spain and elsewhere…

    Yes….Harry was the friend of dad who was big time murder lawyer….he’d represent me in court when I was at the “excitable boy” stage of my development into a full perfect exemplar of manhood with an uncommonly genteel figger….what bearing what carriage they say!
    ….I’m still full of an inchoate rage at stuff that gets up my nose…….pity that……oh well it gets me up in the morning……

    Thank you very much you’re welcome………forget the Linguine!

  • Spatchcocked

    The woman wrote this shite is full of shit.
    We’ll show YOU baby how to handle this threat if we ever get any leadership

  • Spatchcocked

    And yes my old man convalesced at Cliveden while heading back to Vancouver…

    Cliveden…..it’s significant if you know the D Day Dodgers song..