We’re at war too, and Trudeau needs to start acting like it

“Hearing the screams of children in the smoke of the Brussels metro only strengthens our resolve to combat terrorism in all its forms.” That was the government of Canada’s response, given by Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion, after Tuesday’s terror attacks that killed at least 31 in Brussels.

Really, sir? Because I’m pretty sure Canada was combatting terrorism and your government pulled us out of the fight.

  • Editor

    It’ll never happen. It would undermine his hug-a-terrorist syrian refugee welcome plan and worse of all, alienate his millennial twitter virtue signaling slacktivist power base.

  • Ron MacDonald

    His Muslim handler, Omar Alghabra, won’t allow it.

  • mauser 98

    if you are really nice to them , they will be nice to you

    • ontario john

      I used to call Jack Layton “Four Feathers Jack”. I think I will start calling Turdeau that.

  • ontario john

    Well, with the little dickhead giving billions to whiny indians and nothing to the military, along with putting major equipment purchases back five years, we might as well wave the white flag right now.

    • reidjr

      Millions to the arts as well just take the National Arts Centre there getting $120 million.

  • binks webelf

    Our helping in the blowing up Syria in the puppet-theatre of American conquest for power and oil– sorry, ‘Arab Spring’– wasn’t stopping, preventing, or stopping DAESH, or local Viet Cong type attacks. This is Jihad: the whole thing, big-time. We have a whole different kind of war exploding all around us, and we’re like the Americans in bombers and tanks eternally shooting at phantoms in the Vietnamese jungles. We need to Israel-up: walls, strict serious airport & airline security; prison, deportation, de-gehettoization; special ops and counter-infiltration, and especially of mosques and false-front groups.

  • Sid Falco

    No question, Trudeau blames “Islamophobia™” and thinks that if the Belgians grovelled more to the saracens in their midst (by acquiescing to their barbaric religious demands) then everything would be fine.

    So, from his point of view, he is “acting” – he’s kissing their arses.

  • You can tell he’s been hanging around Jugears. I wonder if he can say ‘Islamic Terrorism’?

  • ontario john

    And how is Europe reacting to the Brussel attacks? Well, the media is reporting this morning that a British man was arrested for tweeting negative things about muslims. Yes, our Western democracies don’t allow freedom of speech, when it comes to the religion of peace. And Trudeau announced today that we will buy a security seat at the UN. Yes, one of his ministers said that we have to donate more money in order to get that security seat.

  • simus1

    “…………… only strengthens our resolve to combat (Climate Change Denier) terrorism in all its forms.”

    to catch the subtle nuances of the left, carefully reading between the lyin’s is a must.

  • John

    I strongly recommend reading this essay by Richard Landes. It was written before the attacks in Brussels and it’s very insightful with regards to the psychology/motivation of jihadists


    • African

      Trudeau is a pro-jihad fag!