Unless The West Changes Fast, There’ll Be More Brussels/Paris-like Terror – Part 1: Identify The Enemy

brussels airport attack

Making those attacks even more tragic is that in most places, especially in the United States we have not done what is necessary to protect ourselves  from these terrorists. The failure is not in the military or police heroes trying to protect us, nor is it in the intelligence people trying learn about the attacks before they happen. The number one reason we are vulnerable is our political leaders who refuse to do what is necessary.

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  • Alain

    It is actually even worse than that. First is the requirement to recognise/admit when a group or country has not only already declared war on you but is actually waging it for all to see. Then comes the need to identify your enemy along with those aiding and abetting the enemy including traitors within.

  • Ego

    ‘Catastrophic Failure — Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad’ by Stephen Coughlin
    The #1 counterterrorist expert who was booted out by Obama.