Trump burns in gloating ISIS video: Jihadis release slick new footage of Brussels in flames

A suspected ISIS video claiming responsibility for the Brussels attacks shows Donald Trump burning as it repeats his declaration from two days ago that Brussels is now a ‘horror show’.

The heavily edited nine minute-long video, which is similar and style and appearance to other ISIS propaganda films, is titled ‘The Exile of Islam and Brussels Attacks’.

If proved to be authentic, the video provides further evidence of the links between the terror cell responsible for the Paris and Brussels massacres and ISIS.

More – New ISIS Video ‘The Exile of Islam’ Praises Brussels Attacks & Features Trump

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    So, who hates Trump more?
    Ted Cruz, The NYT or ISIS?

    • GOP

      • Mark Matis

        And China.
        And Mexico.
        And Japan.
        And Merkel.
        And Hollande.
        And Cameron.
        And Draghi.
        And “Weepy”.
        And Mittens.
        And Post Turtle.
        And Lyin’ Ryan.
        And the Pope.
        And Beck.

        To me, that list is a pretty dam good reason to vote FOR him…

        • Clink9

          And Turdeau.

    • Clink9

      He has become public enemy number one for wanting to vet immigrants and secure the border.

    • Heidi!

    • Ron MacDonald

      The Left because they fear he may win.

  • The Latest: Prosecutors say 6 arrested in Brussels attacks

  • pdxnag

    Now just who is it that speaks for ALL Muslims? Is it IS or CAIR or OIC or some other entity?

    • Alain

      By their fruit (actions) you will know them, which means all of the above and more.

      • pdxnag

        Tag team.

    • Hate Crime In Progress

      Anyone with a beard and that perpetual indigence that comes from centuries of inbreeding I think.

  • Just nuke these SOBs already.

  • Muslims don’t join ISIS because people warn about Islamic terrorism. They join ISIS because they believe in rebuilding a Caliphate and living under full Islamic law.

    They aren’t jobless, marginalized or desperate youth. They’re fanatical killers.

    • Gary

      Here in Canada we had Imam Steve Rockwell brag about how muslims are out breeding all other groups and they will dominate on day to make Canada an islamic state as ordered in the qruan when they are the majority.
      Rockwell has a CRTC approved TV show and the RCMP has yet to visit this islamic supremacy fascist that incites muslims to jihad to claim Canada for allah.

      We’re screwed if the RCMP fears going after Imam’s that boldly warn Canadians that Canada will be an islamic State and he does it on TV to young muslims that have the quran verses to back it up and assure them that allah approves jihad for the caliphate .

      Muslims will bankrupt Canada because the terrorists will be protected by the muslim community as we pay up to 10 RCMP or CSIS persons to watch each terrorist which is now about $100.00 per muslims per year. The big threat from the peaceful muslims is that they may be a closet jihadist or show their support by the silence to condemn jihad terrorism.

      • lolwut?

        Got video of him saying things like that?

        • Gary

          He’s in the radio show archives because he was a weekly guest on the John Oakley show and Micheal Coren TV show.
          I wasn’t the only one to witness that .
          Rockwell had supported the shariah used by ISIS and BOKO not long ago in early 2015…..but just this year Oakley brought Imam Rockwell back on because I think he was squirming over the barbarism today by ISIS and their growth. Being a good muslim they like to use taqiyyah to deny they supported something bad or the claim they supported something good.

          He’s in the media video and audio archives , he also has a TV show to hear the same treasonous ranting for islamic supremacy by the Master-Race blessed by allah and destine to rule the Earth.