The Brussels airport terrorists were not suicide bombers. A jammed gun averted a mega massacre

TOPSHOT - A picture released on March 22, 2016 by the belgian federal police on demand of the Federal prosecutor shows a screengrab of the airport CCTV camera showing suspects of this morning's attacks at Brussels Airport, in Zaventem.  Two explosions in the departure hall of Brussels Airport this morning took the lives of 14 people, 81 got injured. Government sources speak of a terrorist attack. The terrorist threat level has been heightened to four across the country. / AFP PHOTO / BELGIAN FEDERAL POLICE / - / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO / BELGIAN FEDERAL POLICE" - NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS -/AFP/Getty Images

Despite the spreading shock effect of the airport attack, it is also becoming clear that the terrorists only accomplished the first part of their jihadist mission. The Islamic State, which approved the operation, had  envisaged a much bigger atrocity. This is attested to by the discovery of three bags containing identical kits of firearms and ammunition, a bomb belt, two AK-47 automatic rifles, magazines and hand grenades – all intact and unused. The police detonated them by controlled explosion.

Those kits were concealed in advance in apparent readiness to strike the emergency teams, the medics, the security forces and the other first responders when they arrived to tend the victims of the first attack. The kits were placed at strategic points, either by an advance team of terrorist operatives masquerading as airport personnel, or a staff employee.

  • Worse still, “Brussels bombers planned nuclear explosion”:
    It must be made clear that Muslims are aiming at a genocide of Europeans. They will do that given half a chance. They will have no qualms to kill millions. That is why all Muslims must urgently be thrown out of the European continent – forever. They must not be allowed in even as tourists. This includes Muslims born in Europe and newcomers. There is NO other way to stop the massacre, because it does not require very many people to make it happen.

    • Thanks, am posting on that later. They meant business. 12 hours of surveillance footage on the nuclear Program Director’s home.

    • Remove Kebab

      Even Bosnians and theeuro part of Turkey need to be cleansed.

  • There is no way the bomb maker procured components and assembled 5 devices in the single day between Abdeslam’s arrest and the Brussels attacks. The airport was a pre-planned target and the terrorists adjusted their schedule to respond to events.

    • Nope, but I see Abdselam is denying any knowledge of theBrussel’s attack.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I tend to take Debka reports with a grain of salt. Sorry.

    • Jabberwokk

      Even without it, It made no sens to me that they had Kalashnikov and dead man switches. These we knew they had form other sources. Why bring a gun if your just going to blow yourself up?

      • trespasserswill

        It would be an indication that the assault team had more members, who escaped or cried off.

  • Morticiaa

    Sad day as Radovan gets convicted
    I wonder how guilty he would be today if that war
    We’re going on now instead of then
    Mind you, we would still have the Tykica lying witnesses
    From the Islamic side of that war and the damnation of
    The Christian Serbs who were also slaughtered
    But the media did a great propaganda job brainwashing
    The masses in western democracies to think the
    Christians were the bad soldiers and the Bosnian muslims the
    Only poor victims
    On and on it goes and only gets worse with the incursion of
    More and more of the islamics invading our cultures
    Gawd I hate them and their extremist theocratic ideology
    My stand and I wish others would do the same
    Proprietors can do naught, neither can employers,
    HOWEVER. As a citizen I can refuse to be served by
    In any situation or circumstance, by anyone wearing
    Religious customs ( because as we all know that these women
    Are attached to a group of extremist men living with them)
    or who appears to me to be an extremist
    Islamic….visiting someone yesterday o e of the crackpots
    In the black robes came to the elevator, following her crackpot
    Husband…. I waited for the next elevator
    I refuse service from them at Tims or any department store
    Not much, but as we all seem so impotent in our society to
    Do anything to protest the scourge of Islam. It gives a few moments
    Of relief in taking a personal stand
    hOW. LONG. BEFORE this kind of travesty happens again in Canada
    And on this larger scale?

    • H

      Within 10 years, tops.

  • lgeubank

    Man! When the Islams are conducting full-scale, planned military operations like that, we need a lot stronger response than the dilly-dallying and half-baked responses we’re giving now.

    • canminuteman

      We should nuke Moelenbeek.

  • Jabberwokk

    I knew it. I knew they screwed it up. Why bring guns but be armed with a dead man’s switch. And even when the F’d it up they still killed 34 people.

  • canminuteman

    We keep getting of very lightly because our adversaries are retarded.

    • Jabberwokk

      ….Wait till they get a Yahtzee….

  • Gary

    Toronto’s Police Chief warns the 34 million non-muslims in canada to avoid the islamophobia nonsense.
    Note how this uncle tom for islamsists didn’t warn muslims youths to stay away from terrorism. It’s interesting how our Black ghettos keep asking for more money to educate their youth to stay away from drugs and guns ………but somehow when it comes to islam the Black Chief tries to lecture the victims of terrorism to not get agree over terrorism attacks.
    Either he LIED about what he said , or Black’s have scammed the system to blame their homicide crisis and gang problem on a lack of money to fight it as it keeps growing the bigger the ghetto.