Steyn: The One-Stop Shop for All Your Terror-Sentimentalizing Needs


Upon hearing about Brussels, and how the big European landmarks have been lit up in honour of the tragedy (barf), I came up with a great new business idea. I will open a PR/ Advertising agency geared solely to post terrorist attack sentimentality stunts, like you know designing the colours banners,lighting effects hashtags etc.

A country or city simply hires us and we take care of all that stuff, even hiring mimes or piano players to play ‘Give peace a chance’, ‘Let’s stand together’ type songs in public squares etc.. Make a killing!

Burlington, Ontario

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  • marty_p

    Meanwhile the UN is more concerned with products that originate beyond the Green Line:
    The United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva approved a resolution to compile an updated list of all companies, Israeli and foreign, operating in any of the disputed territories.,7340,L-4782870,00.html

  • dagawker

    “Liberte’,call us! We light shit up and deposit dying flora.”