Paris Raid foils Muslim terror attack in ‘advanced stages’, 6 Muslim terrorists arrested in Brussels

At least one person is arrested as masked anti-terror police launch raids on the Paris suburb of Argenteuil following the Brussels suicide attacks

More – Large police actions in Brussels, arrested six Muslim Terrorists

  • .@Greta: “A new manhunt for a second suspect who may have slipped away in the #Brussels bombings.” #Greta

  • Ron MacDonald

    Justin ‘Forest Gump’ Trudeau…

  • chayisun

    All the Belgians have to do is round up EVERY muslim in Brussels, hold them in isolation then check each and every one of them and root out those that have terrorist leanings. Those that have, which is probably 90 % of them, should be deported, along with their families, to which ever hell hole they original came from……Or where their parents came from.

  • Millie_Woods

    That’s great news. Europe can go back to sleep now.

  • Gary

    Muslims fear back lash . Mosque told to beef up security.