Parents sue public high school for ‘religious indoctrination’ after their daughter was ‘forced to convert to Islam in world history class’

stop creeping sharia

The parents of a Maryland teenager have launched a lawsuit against their daughter’s public high school, claiming the district forced the 16-year-old to take classes that promote Islam over Christianity and Judaism.

  • Parents should be allowed to beat teachers up in a case like this.

  • Med1

    Evil Libs, how dare they!!!!

  • Ron MacDonald

    More parents should be doing this, bankrupt the school board, teacher and principal.

  • They should be happy she wasn’t stoned.

  • Where is the ACLU on this? Are they too busy planning the next banning of Nativity scenes?

  • Gary

    Barbara Hall , TDSB and McGuinty all approved a pro-sharia homophobic jew-hating mosque in the Valley Park Public school which was tied to the MPP seat by Wynne under McLiar.

    These 3 stooges formed a circle and and pointed at the person beside them as approving it. Wynne said that the Human Rights Commission didn’t rule against it, then Barbara Hall said the TDSB has the power to accommodate minorities and they chose to allow the mosque , the TDSB then said that the HRC didn’t oppose it and that the School has a provision based on the Charter Of Right to accommodate a Minority.

    This means that when Terrorists get traced back to the Imam from this school after a jihad slaughter , or if a jihadist student bring a bomb into the school…… each of these weasels will point at the other two entities that THEY approved it even as the blood is still dripping down the walls.
    Barbara Hall knows that the Education Act was broken because she and other god-haters did their best to kick Jesus and Christmas out of the Public schools to keep gays and atheists happy. But that was when they knew that christians don’t strap bombs to their children or behead children in public when offended…… but now that Barbara Hall and the TDSB know that islam produces followers predisposed to riots and terrorism when offended they caved to the islamofascists even when the Imam’s are homophobes to incite Jihad terrorism in Canada.

    Why do you think that these morons won’t dare demand an audio tape of the Friday service to hear what the Imam is saying from the quran in the Public school. They will wait until the bombs go off and wash their hands of it , plus even if someone was to sneak in a recorder and caught the jew-hatred and calls to kill gays…..they would attack the person for not telling the school they were recording the Service and kick them out of the school.

    The Ahmadi’s in Maple became the majority at a public school and demanded the Gym be made into a Mosque on Friday’s during the school year, the brain dead Liberals feared the racist label and caved to give the the gym…….this , after the Ahmadi’s got their illegal Mega-mosque because it was good for the children and it’s only 1 mosque by oppressed muslims.

    Cancer starts slowly and feeds of the host to spread and iot does care if the kills the host and it self. Time is on the side of cancer because it does sleep, nor does islam and the islamists that take an inch ever day as a minority until they are the majority and become the intolerant oppressor with no respect for minorities.

    Don’t buy the lies from the Ahmadi’s that they are the Peaceful muslims that had to flee oppression as a minority……..they fled because they had no power as a minority to impose their lesser oppressive Shariah that they are imposing in Canada on their women and communities.
    I won’t get my hopes up that the SCOC would rules against Mosques in public schools because they too fear a Burka clad suicide bomber turn the 9 of them into Hamburger Helper or Sloppy joe’s dripping down the walls onto the Charter Of Rights where it declare the freedom of Religion and not freedom FROM religion such as islams 8th century death-cult .

    • Millie_Woods

      It’s a long meandering trail from the ballot box to the mosque in your school, but people do vote for this.

      • Gary

        yes, the Muslims that got Wynne her MPP seat . But someone still had to make a choice to ignore the education ACT which was create by the Human Rights codes to keep religion OUT of the public schools system .

        You make it sound as if Slavery could return if enough people vote for it.

        • Millie_Woods

          You’re surprised that the ‘human rights codes’ can be ignored or the rules bent to accommodate a favoured constituency?

  • Jim Horne

    When parents have had enough of Islamic religious indoctrination in schools will they launch a class action suit?

    In my opinion the SOC will have little choice other than to protect the charter rights of minors (freedom from religion) or toss the Charter of Rights in the dust bin. You cannot disguise religious indoctrination as education without trampling the charter rights of minors who deserve the protection of the Charter.