Emory University president grovels before anti-Trump protesters

Following the whine fest by approximately 40 Emory University students over numerous pro-Donald Trump “chalkings” found across campus Sunday night, school president James W. Wagner issued the perfectly contrite response.

  • That’s pathetic.

  • roccolore

    Liberal fascist snowflakes.

  • Editor

    I sometimes hope the whiny, emotionally stunted snowflakes are actually playing a machiavellian game of “fake offense” chicken with the university administration in order to have them do their dirty work and silence the Trump 2016 supporters on campus. But after seeing numerous interviews with these cultural marxists, from a lot US universities, I don’t think they’re smart enough to pull it off and actually think they are sincere and honestly disturbed by their fellow students holding a different political opinion than them. How self-centered, insulated and infantile can you get!! This has to stop.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I agree. They need to die. 😉

      • Editor

        Or just hire university presidents with the balls to say NO!

  • Hard Little Machine

    I hope they ban literacy which is obviously racist, homophobic, islamophobic and whatnot. I hope they close the libraries, end classes, tests, grades and diplomas. Fire the staff and make it all free* (*with $100,000 in non tuition fees per year)

  • Maggat

    I find it very difficult to believe that fully grown, educated people here in the freest country in the world could actually believe in and carry out such nonsensical drivel.