Conrad Black: Trump Steamroller Racks Up More Victories

The feverish activity concerning a third-party race by Republican defectors from Trump is sawdust. Any such effort would replicate the nonsensical challenges of Henry Wallace against Harry Truman in 1948 and John Anderson against Ronald Reagan in 1980. These ideological tantrums gained 2.4 percent of the vote in the first case and 6.6 percent in the second and had no effect on the result. The notion of Rick Perry, the former Texas governor who couldn’t remember his third radical proposal for change of the government (“Oops”) and had his father-in-law perform a vasectomy on him, running against the Republican and Democratic nominees is an insane conjuration. The anti-Trump “strategists” (the most overused descriptive word in the news these days) are divided between those demanding that John Kasich withdraw, to give Ted Cruz a clear one-on-one shot at Trump, and those urging him to remain and effectively try to divide the electorate, so that only one of them would make a real effort in the state where he ran more strongly against Trump than the other.