Pam Geller: The Prophet from New York

Pam Geller Podium

I predict if our republic does not fall, 50 years from now after I’m dead and gone, people will look back at Pam Geller and speak about her the same way we now speak about William Lloyd Garrison. But if it happens in my lifetime instead, nobody will be more delighted than I.

  • I love how the left hates her;)

    • She is quite a woman. Our strongest leaders in the multi-front war are ladies.

  • Brett_McS
  • Clinton

    Mrs. Geller is a national treasure.

  • Ego

    She is a hero.

  • Rob

    Donald Trump thinks that she is just as bad as the terrorists. If one wants to rebuke, intimidate, or try to silence her, electing Donald Trump is a good way to do it. Remember, he is “neutral” on all this, so as to stake out a good “negotiating position.”