Outrage as hotel homes 300 illegal alien invaders – without telling anyone

City council bosses are embroiled in a war of words after Home Office contractor Serco placed more than 300 migrants into hotels, in what the authorities claim is on the sly.

Officials are now taking action after a “material” change to the hotel’s planning permission.

Currently, 271 asylum seekers are at the Britannia Hotel near Manchester Airport, and another 35 are in the branch in nearby leafy Didsbury.

h/t Ed

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I know hotels having worked my life Plan B in them for many years before I got the chance to get back on Plan A.
    Whatever cash the government dangled in that general manager’s face is not going to make up for the renovations they will need later.
    Also, and more importantly, staff morale will drop like a stone and take years to recover as that hotel becomes a no go zone for people who want to advance their careers.
    All the hotel workers in a city know which hotels are the best.
    At the top hotels the assistant managers in each department will have been department head managers at lesser properties.
    Sorta like how major and minor leagues work.
    There’s a real hierarchy and it’s more important than the guests perception of a particular property.

    • This then is a dead end. Ridiculous what people will do for the short term.