He Gave the Finger Next to a Cop Car and the Photo Went Viral. Then Police Made Him an Offer He Couldn’t Refuse.


In an era when anyone can achieve notoriety with a few well-placed clicks on a cellphone or laptop, it wasn’t long before Mateo also got his 15 minutes of fame: The photo went viral.

And it should come as no surprise that Greenville police saw it, too. But amid the heat that came down on Mateo from the social media universe over his disrespectful act, the police didn’t respond similarly.

Instead they offered the kid a challenge: a ride-along.

  • No joke. My license plate stickers had expired and I was on my way to Motor Vehicles to get new ones when while stopped at a light a cop car pulled up beside me. For some bizarre reason I burst out laughing and Blam ! Pulled over and given a Ticket for expired plates.

    • I had an expired inspection sticker. When a cop drove by; he didn’t see the sticker, but as he was writing the ticket he said he saw me say, “”Oh shit”.

  • G2

    Someone ought to tell Brandon he’s white.

  • “Don’t know what happened to him. I went for doughnuts and when I cam back, he was gone. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

    And he WAS in the car willingly so forensic evidence doesn’t matter.

  • 3MileLimit

    Oh, goody. I hope Mateo gets to sit in the back with every perp they pick up.