Enjoy the Kleptocracy! ‘Net zero’ labour deal between Ontario and teachers’ unions will actually cost $300 million

TORONTO — Contract agreements with teachers and education workers that the Ontario Liberal government boasted were “net zero” actually come with an additional $300-million cost.


Enjoy the Kleptocracy because we aren’t likely to ever have the recall mechanism this province so desperately needs.

Wynne is paying off her political masters by robbing you blind and there isn’t a thing citizens can do about it.

The public service unions run Ontario, they will keep Wynne in power, we are just serfs.

Justin is emulating his other Mommy.

  • Waffle

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we are so screwed and nobody gives a sh***.

  • CodexCoder

    I offered the perfect bumper stick election slogan to the Tories last election, and they wouldn’t bite: “Wynne Wins? You Lose!” Says it all in four easy words, but they didn’t even bother to respond. And Patrick Brown expects to win over the electorate by being more liberal than the Liberals. I have no one to vote for anymore because they are equally foolish.

  • reidjr

    BLM has invaded Ottawa city hall chanting no justice no peace for those that want to keep up its on the Ottawa Citizen.

  • Gary

    Wynne promised all the illegal FREE heath care coverage while she and Justin are embracing another 175,000 refugees from Syria that will get FREE everything.

  • DMB

    The public sector, government need to go bankrupt for that alone will stop them. Soon most of what we take for granted by the public sector will be privitized and most of our taxes will go to servicing the interest on our debt never to be able to pay off the principal for countless generations.