Brussels attacks’ ‘Mother of Satan’ bombs were SAME explosives used in 7/7 London and Paris


The deadly ‘Mother of Satan’ bombs used in the Brussels attacks were the same kind of explosives used in the London 7/7 attacks and the Paris atrocities last year.

Officials discovered 15 kilograms of TATP – the substance containing concentrated hydrogen peroxide and acetone – at the house from which the Brussels attacks’ suspects left for the airport.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    One good thing that tells us is that they CAN’T get reliable supplies of military grade HX like they could when the Soviets and Libyans were giving the stuff out like candy.
    If they resorted to using TATP then that means they can’t get anything better.
    The negative flip-side is that Europe should expect more mass casualty Paris type atrocities involving smuggled Kalashnikovs.
    Those they have no shortage of in gun-free Western Europe.