2 Brothers Identified as Brussels Attackers; 3rd Suspect Is Sought

BRUSSELS — Two suicide bombers who carried out deadly attacks on Tuesday in Brussels have been identified as brothers with criminal records, Belgian officials said on Wednesday. The toll from the assaults, at the city’s main airport and at a subway station in central Brussels, stood at 31 dead and 270 injured.

The brothers — Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, 30, and Khalid el-Bakraoui, 27 — were both Belgian and had a criminal history, but they had no known links to terrorism until the authorities conducted a raid on March 15 on an apartment in the Forest district of Brussels as part of the investigation into the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris.

Euro fags

Well guarded by heavily armed security, a grouping of the Euro-Trash elites pretends to show sympathy for the victims of yesterday’s attack by Muslim terrorists that left 34 dead and 161 injured. What isn’t mentioned is that the immigration policy supported by these evil monsters made the atrocity possible.

  • Brussels attacks: ‘We found bomber’s written testament’


  • canminuteman

    Belgium isn’t a real country, but it doesn’t make either of these guys “Belgian”.

  • terrence

    It is not until many of the Euro-Trash elites get killed and seriously injured that they will start to do something; as long as it is only the peasants who get killed the Euro-Trash elites will do NOTHING, except whine “islamophobia”.

    • David

      I’m beginning to think that these creeps have so much invested in their delusions that the death of their own children would only increase their denial of reality.

  • chayisun

    ” How long will it take do to do this flower thing?”

    “A couple of minutes. Then we gotta look sad, bow our heads and think of what’s for dinner to-night.”

    “Geez, your flower arrangement is bigger than mine.”

    ” All you do is bitch and complain! Aren’t you the one who wanted to visit a mosque next week?””

    “Yea. So what?”

    ” I wasn’t invited so I got the bigger bunch of flowers. From the imam. One thing I don’t get…”

    “What’s that?”

    “The flowers were delivered to me on Monday morning. Card said for ceremony tomorrow…..”

  • John

    Manuel Valls ( center in the photo with blue suit) champions mass immigration, so what’s he doing there?

    Time to fire up the guillotines!

  • Gary

    ” Well guarded by heavily armed security ”

    Wait , so the leaders know they must be well guarded against an attack by quran inspired terrorists but these same weasels go on TV to tell the peons that everything is okay and safe .
    Ottawa is just as bad because they too tells us that all is safe as THEY order the RCMP to beef up security for THEM .
    Those in Toronto should remember how the Nabob’s at City Hall boasted how Safe it was and how great Diversity and Multiculturalism is…….THIS while they approved the Bullet proof vest for Cops and better Guns to fight the drug gangs .

    When the muslim population in Canada was around 200,000 and CAIR wasn’t in Canada we had a peaceful co-existence with open Mosques and loyal citizens.
    Then the population shot up from immigration and bogus refugees where we add new words to our lexicon such as Jihad, lone wolf terrorist, honour-killing, taqiyyah, Caliphate , shariah , islamophobia and now Backlash.
    Justin will help push the muslim population to 1.5 million which means the terrorist Acts will be the new norm and will we see more of them because Terrorists are being aided by their muslim community that MUST know who they are but choose to not tell.

    CAIR hands out a leaflet that coaches muslims to not talk to the FBI ( or the RCMP as in the Maher Arar case) if they come to ask about their jiahists brothers.
    But when CAIR wants to report a fabricated hate-crime they call the FBI and Police that are forced to report it as factual even with no Witnesses or Video evidence .

    The photo below is the item, handed out by CAIR in Florida, the same Florida where Rubio praises his muslim population and wants more refugees from Syria just as Jeb Bush (Gov) from Florida embraces illegals as victims.

    A mass slaughter Jihad at the Northern section of Florida would cut it off and make for a Caliphate since Florida has bases for the Navy and Air Force which could be taken over once enough islamists get inside them to go Jihad
    as we saw at the Fort Hood base by a Muslims jihadist.

    CAIR loves to paint muslims as victims while they aid and abet jihad plus were caught funding hamas terrorism.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    There were more than three scumbags involved in this.