Video: Inside the Brussels airport departure lounge after the bomb

ISIS have claimed responsibility for the two bombs that exploded inside the departure lounge of a Brussels airport.

Airport worker hailed a hero after ‘pulling 7 victims to safety’ after terror attacks

Mr. Rogers says, “Look for the helpers”.

  • Gary

    Toronto’s Chief Saunders warns about getting islamophobic when all the facts aren’t in yet.
    The person may have been on drugs or have a mental illness.

    • Yo Mama

      Yes, I think they call the disease Islamophilia!

      • Miss Trixie


    • mobuyus

      Chief saunders is on drugs or mentally ill.

  • Welcome to World War 3 (ongoing).
    It is a war between Islam/Muslims and the West/European peoples.
    It is a war which will decide which of these two groups will rule over the other, and whose ‘civilization’ will prevail.
    It is a war the West could easily win, if they stopped the leftist pc self-delusions, and fought to win. To do that, leftist politicians must be suppressed.
    It is a war that Islam will easily win if the West refuses to face reality and act accordingly, i.e. if it allows itself to be screwed.
    The only way for the West to win this war is to identify the enemy as Muslims: to round up Muslims and send them packing back to their lands of origin (or that of their fathers), and to stop them ever coming back.
    Meanwhile, Muslims should not be allowed anywhere near airports or train stations or subways or on any public transport. They may not drive cars or own smartphones or computers. They are all potential terrorists, waiting their turn.
    Once these Muslims are back in their own reservations, they must not be allowed to have any modern technology – no guns, no TV, no radio, nothing. They can live out their lives at the level of savages, as the barbarians they have shown themselves to be.
    They have no right to oil revenues, since the technology that draws out the oil, and refines it, and ships it, and delivers it, is all Western made, and they have contributed nothing at all to it. In this way, they will not get rich while doing nothing, and then buy out Western politicians left and right.

    • It appears that we are in 2 wars; the one you describe above, and another with increasingly totalitarian governments that are set on stripping us of our rights and creating a citizenry entirely dependent upon them.

      • True,

      • Alain

        It seems to be that it is really one war with two enemies, just as during WW II it was the Germany and Japan. In this case it is Islam and the Left/communists/socialists or whatever label you give them. Both share the same objective of suppressing basic human freedoms and imposing their totalitarian regime on a global basis. Were it not for the leftists/communists we would not be experience the Muslim invasion, destruction and death.

  • Maurice Miner

    Nightmouse, this has nothing to do with Islam! I understand that Daesh has claimed responsibility.

    We have to use the word “Daesh” because we are told it is an insult to the crew, and because it has nothing to do with Islam anyway.

    Get with the programme, for Allah’s (SWT) sake!

    • Justin St.Denis

      Or get with the pogrom. We are talking Europe, after all.

  • tom_billesley

    George Galloway: Brussels attacks are a creation of the West
    Yeah. Right George. Now go away.

    • Alain

      Sounds much like George Soros.