US election: Trump is doing for Republicans what Obama did for Democrats in 2008

Trump crowd

Donald Trump is on course to bring 14 million more Americans than usual into the Republican primary process, a new Independent analysis can reveal.

  • I hope he rolls right over the Dems and the GOP.

    • Ron MacDonald

      He could easily be the first Independent to win a Presidential Election.

  • Clink9

    Yet the GOP doesn’t want him to win. Hmmm.

  • Dana Garcia

    That’s a promising development.

    Meanwhile, meddling Mexican consulates are holding workshops on how aliens can get citizenship ASAP to vote against Trump. Immigration means Importing future Democrats!

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Paradoxically, citizenship is open only to those who are here legally, and Trump has no problem with legal immigrants.

      • Dana Garcia

        “Mixed” families don’t want Uncle Jesus to be deported, which they believe is racist because 35 million Mexicans in the US is not enough. America won’t achieve perfect diversity until white citizens become an asterisk.