Sharia in Denmark

The issue of parallel Muslim societies has sparked renewed debate in Denmark after a three-part television documentary, “The Mosques Behind the Veil” was aired at the beginning of March on Danish TV2.

The documentary consists of an undercover investigation into claims that Muslim imams are working towards keeping parallel societies for Muslims within Denmark.

The filmmakers had two young Muslims — brought from outside Denmark — go undercover in Gellerupparken, an area best described as a predominantly Muslim ghetto in Aarhus, Denmark’s second city. For three months, the two lived as a fictitious couple, Fatma and Muhammed, while visiting eight different mosques in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen — the three largest cities in Denmark — with hidden cameras. The goal was to hear what imams say behind closed doors about Danish law and authorities, gender equality and general contact with Danish society, such as Muslim women participating in the Danish job market. There are approximately 140 mosques in all of Denmark.

  • Joe Awerjowfnmow

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  • G

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    • Ed

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  • Gary

    The old Iron Curtain of Communism has now been replaced by the Iron Burqa .

    Muslim women that are forced to wear the Burqa are part of a Parallel world in every non-islamic nation they live in. These women may not know any other life or they fear their conversion was a mistake but are now at risk if the leave this oppression by being tracked down by the Islamists version of the SS Gestapo teams.
    Here in Canada i have seen Imam’s on TV that freely state that the goal of muslims is to dominate in Canada and make it an islamic State for allah’s Caliphate. The CBC thinks it is cute to bring on radical Imams and jew-haters to boost their rating, or they are complicit with the hamas funding CAIR to do Dawah for them and recruit jihadists from the mosques.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I would like to know something from ALL BCFers.

      If you knew of a secret conspiracy to completely dismantle/destroy the CBC in some way, would you just “sit on it” and keep your mouth shut? I know I would.

      • Minicapt

        Where would we send our donations?


      • V10_Rob

        Harper really dropped the ball on that. They were never going to be his friend or report impartially. Should have just gutted their budget, as they were going to damn him either way.

  • Spatchcocked

    “Sparked renewed debate”.
    It’s been 15 years of renewed debate ferkrissake..