ISIS supporters encouraged to flood Twitter with Arabic ‘Battle of Brussels’ hashtag in sick boast over murderous attacks

“We promise dark days to the states who have allied against Islamic State in reply to their aggression against our state.

“And what awaits you will be harder and more bitter, with the grace of Allah.”

  • Glenfilthie

    Friends, in times like this I like to recommend everybody just step back take a breather…and maybe sit down at the Dillon 650 progressive reloader and belt out a few thousand rounds!
    As for Belgium – you deserve what you tolerate, fellas.

  • Belgium’s VRT reports that the taxi driver who brought the Brussels
    attack suspects to the airport says the suspects had planned on bringing
    five suitcases, but could only bring three because the taxi was too
    small. The taxi driver reportedly led police to the address where he
    picked the men up in Schaerbeek – the same address where police later
    found explosives, an Islamic State flag, and chemicals.

  • tom_billesley
  • Ron MacDonald

    As a security precaution, the Internet and cell phone service should be shut off for all Muslim countries.

    • Maurice Miner

      Ron, fair enough, but “all” Muslim countries these days seems to encompass everywhere on this planet!

      • Ron MacDonald

        Exempt those not experience terrorist.

    • and air.

  • David

    Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius

  • If there is a shred of intelligence left in the western world, this brings us closer to the day when the liberals will realize (or be made to realize) that they have let this happen and that compassion, when applied without rational thought, is a thousand times more deadly than hatred.

    • Waffle

      Yaacov, liberals will never, ever admit culpability. They will always find a way to shift the blame. Regardless of how absurd, they will find a way to implicate the Jews.

      BTW, there is no shred of intelligence left. The whole world is caught in the grip of a collective madness. It is probably something that happens once in a blue moon as we hurtle through space and are subject to mysterious interplanetary rays that affect every living thing. Consider Isaiah 11:6.

    • 3MileLimit

      The smallest whiff of commie/far leftist speech should be outlawed. I realize that controls speech, but what they preach is the destruction of freedom to sovereign nations. These filthy leftists have taken advantage of freedoms and they must be brought to heel.

  • Canadian

    You`d think that by now, they would have learned that since Troy, letting the enemy armies in your country is no way to win a war.

    • That is the purpose of culture, of literature – to pass on collective memory and good advice. The West has lost its native culture, eager as it is to embrace multiculturalism.

      • Canadian

        Culture has been replaced by Twitter, Facebook et al.
        We are supposed to forget our past and what we used to stand for.

        • And, according to our media and politicians, we must not look at the future, at the inevitable consequences of suicidal deeds.

          • Canadian

            They are working very hard to make sure that we have no future, so they`re probably right on this one…

  • 3MileLimit

    Mmmmm. Bring it on, you bunch of boy diddlin’ goat fuckers!! OUR Lord in Heaven will show you the error of your ways.

  • Imagine a war in which one side knows and says it is at war while the other side pretends it is not at war and refuses to engage as fitting. Who do you think will win?

    • tom_billesley

      Like the hippies partying and holding up the “Welcome Aliens” signs on the roof in the movie “Independence Day”?
      It’s all over for them in the first 20 secionds

      • Great movie, I remember.
        That’s what the West should be doing to the barbarian hordes attacking it.