Heartbreaking Video Captures Chaotic Moment Authorities Seized 6-Year-Old Girl From Her White Foster Parents Over Race

A 6-year-old child who is reportedly just one-and-a-half percent Choctaw Native American was forcibly removed from her longtime foster home on Monday due to a 1978 federal law mandating that “Indian children” be raised by Native Americans.

  • Gareth

    It is almost inconceivable that a major terrorist attack in Europe can be the second most shocking and horrible story I’ve read about today, yet here we are.

  • Frances

    In Iroquois territory in Canada, that low percentage of Indian blood would lead to the girl not being allowed to live on the reserve or be considered Indian.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      My wife is Metis and Icelandic.
      Therefore my kids are Metis.
      I’m just a white guy.

      • Kaye92

        White guy, hmm? YOU’RE the problem! 😉

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Yeah, my white privilege allows me to get up at six every morning and return at five thirty in the evening.

    • Waffle

      Mohawks too, or perhaps I’m wrong.

      Heard a horrible story on the radio the other day. Albino Jamaican with his son was stopped and questioned by police. Apparently, some busybody on the bus called the cops because the little boy and the man (the father) did not have matching skin colour. Seems to me that if you want to get by these days, you’ve got to dress for success — have the right skin colour (whatever that may be depending on the group), wear the right costume (hijab, kaffiyah, — all the usual accessories). No more melting pot. Display your tribal regalia in all its glory!

      • H

        Long gone are the days when one was judged (under the law even) by one’s actions as opposed to one’s identity group membership. And progressives accuse OTHERS of racism ….

  • Martin B

    White people obsessed with racial purity are scum-sucking Nazis.

    Any other colour of people obsessed with racial purity are heroes.

    Why is the federal government, any government, endorsing & enforcing this evil insanity?

  • How could you drag a six-year-old away from her loving family? I mean, if you any conscience at all, how could you do it?

    • lolwut?

      They do in in Canada as well, happening right now with a 5 year old girl
      who was with the family since she was an infant, so no memory of anyone else.

      They don’t care how it effects the girl, just so long as the white parents have a knife dug deep in their hearts.

      • Clinton

        Obviously it’s not really about what’s best for the child, it’s
        what’s best for their PC ideology. The child is just collateral
        damage in their eyes. And, of course, in a bureaucracy no
        one has to shoulder responsibility for their actions. Horrible.

      • Kathy Prendergast

        Watch the Jessica Lange / Halle Berry movie Losing Isaiah, if you want to go almost out of your mind with rage.

        In cases like this, group rights trump individual children’s rights every time.

        • My sympathies were not with the crackhead who left her baby in the trash can, and then decided to reappear and tear his little life apart. I guess ’cause I’m a racist.

  • Rosenmops

    The social workers who rip kids away from their parents like this must be psychos or they wouldn’t stay in a job like that. I’d rather pick up rocks for a job than do that.

  • vimy

    My Great Grandmother was Indian. Sure glad back in the day when a native woman married a white man she was not allowed to be an indian anymore.

  • mauser 98

    this revolving door spinning in Ontario for decades.. natives use race as extortion tool for dollars.. will demand bribes for return of children.
    Childrens Aid , Community Housing all complicit
    all about $$

  • canminuteman

    The kid is apparently “1.5 percent” indian. 1.5% is about 1/64th. This means that he has one great great great great grand parent who was an indian. So basically 200 years ago this kid had one ancestor who was an indian. Can anyone here even name one of their 4ggrand parents? I don’t even know who my great grand parents were. There must be something else to this story. I don’t buy that someone could calculate that the kid is 1.5 percent indian.