GhostBusters (2016) Because Why?

Who in hell thought this was a good idea?


  • Drunk_by_Noon

    So this is the unthinkable catastrophe that happens when you “cross the streams”?

    The YouTube Trailer video’s comments section absolutely savaged this movie.
    To keep the rebellion to a minimum, Sony was deleting all the negative comments WITH THE EXCEPTION of the ones that were obviously thoughtlessly sexist and crude, so they could paint all the dissenting voices with the ‘stupid sexist male’ brush.

    I urge everyone to pirate this movie, see what the fuss is about, then to immediately delete it, as it’s likely not even worth the storage space that it take up.

    • Amen;)

    • Straight to MST3K.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      That’s what I did with Carolla’s latest movie.
      I like Carolla but his movie Road Hard was basically the same plot as the Hammer.

  • Maxsteele

    How to kill an actress’s, screen writer’s, director’s career in a single movie. I hope they invested that money cause after this debacle they should never get another job again.

  • I’m almost thinking of going to watch it simply to see how horrible it is.

    They’ve got to know everyone will hate this. It’s going to lose money. I don’t get it.

    Is it Amy Schumer who is going to take the Bill Murray role? Yeah, that’ll work.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Amy Schumer, I have discovered, makes most men’s skin crawl. I thought it was just me after watching the first 20-or-so minutes of TRAINWRECK (which I addressed on this site in the immediate aftermath of the experience). I have since discovered AmySchumerPhobia is remarkably common among heterosexual males of virtually all ages. I don’t feel as lonely now, or as depressed. 😉

      • Clausewitz

        Amy Schumer needs to be taught that if you’re going to steal other people’s jokes you should try to steal the good one’s not the shitty ones.

  • level of Consciousness

    I’ve seen the trailer and I will not watch it even for free . One must use their own disernment because the media and holywood is dumbing the people down with poor excuses for entertainment .

    • Clausewitz

      If it pops up as an in flight movie, screw it I’m jumping, even without a parachute.

  • G

    Melissa McCarthy has got to be one of the most butt ugly hosebeasts in Hollywierd history.

    One of the joke insults that were said to her in the movie “The Heat” sums up her appearance quite well:
    —Crook to McCarthy: “You look like one of the Cambell’s soup kids if they grew up and became an alcoholic”.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Sorry but I have to disagree. McCarthy is a genuinely gifted comedic actress, and SPY was among the more amusing entertainments out of Hollywood in years. She is also a fairly sane and grounded human being if ever you have seen/read an interview with her. Pity she is choosing to associate herself with this OBVIOUS TURKEY-IN-THE-MAKING. But she will recover from this setback.

  • Yo Mama
  • Editor

    Because it’s 2016! Didn’t you hear the Shiny Pony impart that gem of logic a while back?

    • Justin St.Denis

      Becuz….chestnut curls!

  • Justin St.Denis

    Movies were basically killed off for me decades ago. Rare is the feature film that can keep my attention for that first half-hour. I’ve been on a learning curve my entire life and I find it terribly difficult to waste my brain’s time. My brain’s boredom threshold is very low. I hope it stay this way until I kick it.

  • DMB

    If it was any worse it would have Caitlyn “Bruce” Jenner in this train wreck of a movie. Having said that if they wanted to make a movie with a female heron that would captivate audiences they should have kept away from the political correctness and gone for more authenticity. During the first two REAL Ghostbusters movies they had Sigourney Weaver who played a strong female role in the two films. She also stared in the Aliens movie saga were she played the lead role in each of the films. Audiences were receptive to her because she never did it in way that lectured to people about her being a women, feminism, political correctness which this God Awful movie constantly does.

  • DMB

    This is the political message of this Ghostbuster movie.

  • Raymond Cameron

    Next time they will make an islamic version: Goat-Busters…

    • Clink9

      Don’t cross the streams.