Five stories you should read to understand the Brussels attacks

brussels airport terror attack

Like other European nations, Belgium is experiencing the consequences of what critics call decades of ineffectiveness in integrating immigrants, including many Muslims.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    If you want to see delusional and magical thinking, check out the comment section of that link.
    Muslums could not perpetrate their terror if they were not given cover by the left that makes excuses and invents reasons as to why Muslums commit acts of terror.
    “They kill because they feel excluded!”

    They are as nauseating as they are lethal.

    • You need more “accept and love” then everything will be fine.

    • I like to ask: what if we gave them everything they wanted, and the world was 100% Moslem – would it be as ahem ‘peaceful’ as 100% Moslem countries like Afghanistan or Soddy or Somalia?

    • And that is why Western leaders should be refreshingly candid and tell their citizens to brace for more attacks and to get used to them.

      It’s not like anyone is going to fight back.

  • Alain

    Muslims do not integrate; they dominate the citizens of any host country stupid enough to allow them a foothold.

  • BillyHW

    We need to develop policies of muslim emmigration right now. They don’t belong in our societies.

    Our politicians need to show us that the number of muslims living in our countries decreases during their time in office.

  • Hard Little Machine

    “It’s Israel’s Fault” – The New York Times
    “It’s the Jews’ Fault” – The BBC
    “It’s the GOP’s Fault” – WaPo
    “It’s White People’s Fault” – MSNBC
    “It’s America’s Fault” – CNN