Europe, Islamism and some uncomfortable home truths

“…Central Europe, chiefly Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, remain largely safe from the terror threat, despite the former in particular being a Nato player in the Middle East. It is precisely because the reasons for this are so obvious that they cannot be mentioned. Poland is 0.1 percent Muslim, most of whom are from a long-settled Tartar community, Britain is 5 percent, France 9 percent and Brussels 25 percent, and those numbers are growing.

For all the goodwill shown by the vast majority of people in Europe, Muslim and non-Muslim, and for all those things that shouldn’t have to be said – that most Muslims hate this monstrosity – these statistics correlate to terrorism risk.”

Anti-terror incantations

Citizens of Brussels chalk Magic Anti-terror incantations in a public square. The incantations are purchased from a department of the EU and are also said to ward off The Evil Eye and cure warts among other special powers.

  • simus1

    When the killer filth are done, the vacuous take over.

  • After the next bloody massacre, which will be in no way associated with Islam, I’m going to stay off Twitter. It’s a mind-numbing waste of time. Islamic terrorism is just nothing to do with Islam. Over and over again, indignantly, self-righteously. “OMG you need to get educate, so ignorant, LOL, I am not perfect but Islam is perfect, sometimes Christians do bad things, you blame all Christians for KKK?, Christians make slavery, you are racist, here are some emojis!” Goddamn zombies.

    Next attack, no Twitter.

    • Cognitive dissonance seems not to apply to Muslims.

      Asking them to name a Muslim state that doesn’t persecute its religious and ethnic minorities often works however, unless they are flat out out liars and many are.

    • H

      A psychologist friend of mine sometimes talks about an “old brain/new brain” paradigm: the newer human cerebral cortex versus our older hardware of the amygdala, etc. Or, put another way, logic versus emotion. We all have both systems and both serve useful purposes but he contends that our emotional system should be subject to our logical system, an adjunct to it. And for most (functional) people most of the time this is how it works; however, Muslims often seem to have it backwards and its their emotional brains that rule their logical side. McCoy over Spock, in old Star Trek terms.

  • Brett_McS

    I don’t know Belgian. Which ones say “F*ck off, Muslims”?

  • John
  • Blacksmith

    Cures incontinence too…….

  • “Magic Anti-terror incantations”

    I’m stealing that.