“Black Lives Matter” working with Islamist Group in Canada

The Muslim Students Association and “Black Lives Matter” had their display tables set side by side at the recent University of Ottawa “Islam Awareness Week.” During the full week of 07 March 2015, the two groups handed out books to students and staff at the university and spread their ideology.

The Muslim Students Association (MSA), was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood as one of its front groups with an eye towards recruitment and education.[1]

All of those from the MSA seemed to be Sunni Muslim. None were Ahmadiyya, Ismaili or Shia. An individual asked about the lack of representation of other Muslim groups stated they did not know why this was occurring.

Multiple books were handed out. One was the Qur’an in English, while two others explained that all the scientific progress in modern civilization is to be found in the Quran and the Sunnah.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Both groups hate white people.
    They are the enemy.

    “They really do hate you and they really do want you dead”.

  • AlanUK

    A point of detail:
    Both the post and the link have the year as 2015. Is this old news or is it a mistake?

    • Tom Quiggin

      Mistake. Done today. Must be a tech thing.

      • AlanUK

        Fair enough. I am a pedant – something to do with working in a nuclear power station!
        I hate it when a simple mistake allows others a cheap excuse to criticise the author and remove the requirement to answer the problem.

    • Alain

      Even is so, the message remains the same today.

      • AlanUK

        Agreed! See reply to Tom Quiggin.

  • JoKeR
    • Gary

      Behold the Master-Race blessed by allah and destine to rule the Earth by shariah.

      The vertical forehead fools the politicians.

  • ontario john

    Hey, maybe they can get funding from the just announced Liberal budget. Everybody else is. Nine billion dollars in additional funding to whiny indians. And they don’t even have to tell taxpayers how they spend it anymore. No plan to end the deficit, and everything Hitler Harper did is being overturned. Now everyone can live like Ontario. No new money for the military though, because we have nothing but friendly muslims here in Sunny Ways Canada.

  • JohnfromToronto

    I heard that Einstein was reading the Qur’ran when he said “there it is, the theory of relativity”.

  • Gary

    This might explain why Toronto’s Black Police chief showed support for the terrorist last week with his really stupid comment to about 34,000,000 Canadians to avoid any of the ‘ islamophobia nonsense ‘ .

    He grew up in a self-segregated black community that poisons their children to hate canada as a racist nation while Blacks have been a target by the Muslim Brotherhood since the 1950’s to tell them that islam is the faith of non-white.

    Sorry folks, but when I wanted to be a Cop I was told that I was too short and just accepted it because there was a reason for it since Cops should be bigger than 90% of the criminals.
    But Diversity took over and the NDP Quota system that gave us mini-cops and promoted people for their colour and now their faith. It’s nice that Saunders cheered for Jamaica when he got the job as Chief, but I’m the son of an aboriginal background Father that enlisted in 1942 along with 3 of his brother at the Montreal Office.
    Not long back the STATS CAN Dept ran a little tid-bit ad after a census and claimed that only 10% of the Blacks in Canada were here before 1970.
    But somehow after the 1992 Yonge st riot by caribbean youths (of immigrant Mothers ) over the Rodney King issue we saw the NDP bring in Employment Quotas for Blacks and later it include gays and females.

    TADA … we get a Jamaican background Police Chief as if that will stop the guns & gangs crisis in Government housing which is partly by the grand children of women in Government housing which is now a life style choice .
    I may not have been able to rise up to be the Police Chief , but I didn’t even get the chance while today the Police are now Social workers with guns or Mini-Cops with a 90% rate for calling in back-ups while the real Cops that are tall men have a 25% rate for back-ups.
    Toronto doesn’t have the guts to admit that the $1,000,000,000.00 annual Police Budget has about 30% of it as PR Diversity Cops that look good in a Tourism Poster or at a Minority Street Festival pre-Election photo-op by politicians.
    Now that the Hijab is part of the Uniform, the Police budget will be funding dawah and spreading shariah in all the Police Stations which currently have a pork-free lunch room and it won’t stop there.

  • reidjr

    I live in Bells Corners a older suburb of Ottawa the population is around 12,000 around 65% of that is muslim/east indian my point is this will be Canada’s first non go zone its just a matter of time.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Get the fuck outta there as fast as you can, then. If possible, sell your real estate to a Liberal/Progressive. They are fully committed to having their children sodomized and raped as part of their maturation/education/socialization processes. You cannot assume any responsibility for their mistakes. Take their money and run.

      • Miss Trixie

        That’s exactly what I did and moved back west. It’s a little saner here in a small town.

        I despise Ontario.

    • canminuteman

      I’d get out before you find your real estate investment is worthless.

    • mauser 98

      relax … Justine the Drama Queen has your back
      …if not call Big Dyke

    • Miss Trixie

      I lived in my gorgeous condo on Forester, just a stone’s throw from that big f***in’ mosque on Moody. F***ers would take our parking, race down the road screeching tires and even threatened me, “see you got a little dog – too bad if something happened to it.”

      Hags in Hefty bags strolling with her snot-nosed brood in tow and pushing a stroller became a daily occurrence, stupid neighborhood chicks picking up teenaged Mohammads at the nightclubs only to be the cause of fights at 3am when daddy realizes what the hell’s going on with their stupid daughters and races outside to rescue them.

      Not to mention Bayshore, *shudder* and the shopping centre crawling with the be-bagged and their male minders.

      • Kell

        Get a larger dog! I have a bull mastiff/ pit bull mix and for some strange reason, he does not like dark skinned people at all and lets them know it every time he sees one! 21mos. old, already 116lbs…he’s going to be a VERY big boy!

  • DMB

    Black Lives Matter is global and their end game is to kill all white men and rape as many white women as they can.

    • Justin St.Denis

      BLM will make life very tough for blacks living in non-urban areas where bullshit-tolerance is much lower. Unfortunately, it is these “good” black Canadianswho will pay the price for BLM’s lawlessness. BLM will be coddled and rewarded by the state.

  • mauser 98

    University of Ottawa president is super moron idiot Alan Rock
    yeah.. the gun registry one

    Rockhead also banned Ann Coulter from speaking there

    • Justin St.Denis

      I met Alan Rock socially many years ago when I lived in the west end of Toronto. He was just an MP at the time. I came away unimpressed. My wife thought he was downright thick and – in her own inimitable way – told him precisely that in different terms, to the amusement of more than a few. Amazing what a beautiful Asian chick can get away with! In brief and metaphorically speaking, she squeezed his nuts until he howled; she relinquished once her dominance had been recognized. It was a thing of great beauty to watch unfold.

      I always keep my wife on MY team. It’s the safest course of action I know of. 😉

      • mauser 98

        “the gun registry will end over my dead body” said Rock

        …………….still waiting

        have read U of O is total Orwell gulag ….useless

      • lolwut?

        You’re married to Michelle Malkin?! Lucky bastard! 😉