Another fast food chain looking at robots as ‘government is driving up the cost of labor’

Carl's Jr

Corporations exist to make money. Circumvent the free market and, unless you also implement some sort of draconian price and profit controls, businesses will find a way to shore up the bottom line. In this case, that means finding a replacement for employees who’ve decided to price themselves out of a job.

  • Brenda
    • John

      Thanks for that. Mass immigration is the preferred method used to ‘redistribute’ wealth….upwards. For the past 40 years as immigration levels have increased wages have stagnated or even deteriorated. Stupid leftists decry the growing gap between rich and poor all the while championing the very thing, mass immigration, that has lead to this polarization of wealth.

  • Xavier Basora

    Yup and i’m deeply concerned because no one has given any thought as to what we’ll do as a society with all those unemployed people. Welfare won’t be enough and we’re going to have a lot of lawlessness as the society tries to figure out a solution

    • John

      Few have examined the economics of all this. Robots don’t rent apartments, and they don’t buy cars or homes. What will happen if this trend continues?

      There’s a good chance the savings brought about by automation will be completely offset by increases in taxes, which will then be used to house, feed and clothe those thrown out of work.

      Will business tax rates be calculated, at least in part, based on the number of robots a company ’employs’?