ALERT: RNC Rules Committee Threatens To Take Away Trump’s Delegates


This kind of talk would normally be the realm of the surreal, but it’s not only being spoken by RNC operatives, but actively promoted.

  • Exile1981

    Is anyone surprised by this?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Only a little, but I think they are too late for the party.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Should they pull this shit, the Republican Party is dead.

  • mauser 98

    the fear in their eyes … gravy train stops , lies exposed , they are naked
    …Preibus , Rove are suicide bombers

  • mauser 98

    getting more and more to look like McCain , Romney took a dive for the first black president

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I think they are wish-casting this, hoping to rattle Trump’s cage in the hopes that he will get rattled, or lose his enthusiasm.
    I don’t think the GOP can really make good on that threat anymore.
    The nuclear explosion would consume them all, with maybe the exception of Trump himself left standing.
    Remember, we are firmly in inside, outside, upside-down land with this election.

    • V10_Rob

      Fear and panic makes people do crazy and short-sighted things. Who knows what’s going through their heads any more?

      They may really believe that they can play Calvinball with the nomination rules and get away with it. Factor in enough voter short-term memory, it might even work.

      But they’re deluding themselves if they think they can blatantly rig the game, then wave Trump’s pledge at him and expect he’ll order his faction to fall back in line and vote for the donor puppet. Same with trying to make a stink about him welching on the deal (signed in good faith) after they shamelessly steal the nomination.

      Heh. I keep thinking about the interrogation scene in The Dark Knight…

      “Those GOP fools want you gone so they can get back to the way things were. But I know the truth. There’s no going back. You’ve changed things. Forever.”

  • ed

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    • AlanUK

      Obviously, this is a rapidly moving situation but as of 08:30, BBC Radio 4 said there were shouts in Arabic accompanied by gunfire while the main TV news on BBC1 made no mention of the Arabic bit. They’ll get the story right sometime.

  • ed

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  • tom_billesley
  • Justin St.Denis

    Has anyone else been reading the very insightful support Trump is receiving from Newt Gingrich? Newt is a Reagan Republican. Interesting. Gingrich would make a fine running mate for The Donald, as he is hated by Washington almost as much as Donald Trump. Gingrich also knows where most of the bodies have been buried. Clean-up time would be performed at Mach 10 speed with Gingrich on board.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Some pundits are predicting that Trump will pick Kasich.

      • Clausewitz

        That way Trump knows there’s a crazier person in the room than he is at all times.