Obama Sparks Fury Over Photo in Front of Che Guevara Mural in Cuba

obama forward

“Mr. President, you’re a disgrace,” one user wrote.

“So, Obama couldn’t make it to Chris Kyle’s memorial service, but he will stand at attention for Che Guevara,” another chimed in.

  • What a pig.

  • But we already knew he was a disgrace.

    Now America can use Cuba as a Third-World playground – the way it did BEFORE the revolution.

    • I hear there’s great fishing at Jardines de la Reina.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      People I work with have gone to Cuba for their cheap all in vacations.
      It disgusts me.

  • ontario john

    What a lovely scene. Obama standing between pictures of Che and Karl Marx. I remember when Reagan and the Polish Pope brought down communism and defended the Christian faith. Now we have a president and Pope who embraces communism and has abandoned Christians. But they did have Obama talking about the great business opportunities that will be opening up now. Yes, forget about human rights, as long as large corporations have another source of cheap labour so close to the marketplace. Modern global corporations love communism.

  • Clinton

    “So, Obama couldn’t make it to Chris Kyle’s memorial service…”

    In addition, he blew off Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral, and Nancy
    Reagan’s, and not only did he not attend Margaret Thatcher’s funeral,
    but the White House declined to send a single senior official. I think
    not having this president at one’s funeral is likely the sign of a life well lived.

    It’s also interesting that while while whoever actually wrote Obama’s
    memoir Dreams of My Father yammered on about how much Obama
    owed to the loving care of his aunt Zeituni Onyango, when she died he
    also declined to attend her funeral. According to White House records, he
    played a game of golf that day.

    What. A. Tool.