Finland convicts Iraqi Migrant of war crime after he posted pictures of himself holding the decapitated head of an ISIS fighter

An Iraqi migrant to Finland has been found guilty of committing a war crime after he posted images of himself on Facebook with the head of an ISIS fighter.

Jebbar Salman Ammar, 29, was given a 16-month suspended sentence by the Pirkanmaa district court.

The court found he had desecrated the corpse of a fighter by posting three images on Facebook of himself with the head of the fighter in the Iraqi city of Tikrit.

  • Exile1981

    I forget, is he one of the good or bad head choppers? -sarc

  • Clausewitz

    If he’s holding the head of an ISIS fighter, he doesn’t deserve a conviction, he deserves a medal.

  • AlanUK

    I went to the link. It seems to be carefully worded (a point missed completely by the commentators at the link).
    He was not convicted for killing the ISIL fighter.
    He was not convicted for removing the ISIL fighter’s head (if you think he was, read the story).
    He did not admit to either and no evidence is presented in the article to suggest he did.
    It would appear that he found the body of the ISIL fighter (which may or may not have been decapitated: this is not the point of the conviction.). He then held it up and was photographed. The image was then displayed on Facebook.
    The war crime conviction was for displaying the head and for that he was given a suspended sentence (there is a pun here that I don’t really want to point out*). Does not seem unreasonable. It does not make him a terrible villain or a glorious saint. Just part of the everyday war in the area.
    *Oh dear: I have!