CSIS officers visit close personal friend of Omar Alghabra, Justin Trudeau’s Personal 5th Columnist

CSIS officers visit Toronto-based Meshwar newspaper’s offices following pro intifada articles

Nazih Khatatba, the editor of Meshwar newspaper and the deputy chairman of the Mississauga-based Palestine House, was recently visited by two CSIS officers who came “without notice” to his office to discuss his “pro Hamas” articles and online postings.

Below is a snap of Omar and Nazih enjoying one another’s company and shared Trudeaupian values.


Nazih meets with with close personal friend Omar Alghabra, Justin Trudeau’s Muslim 5th Columnist er…. I mean adviser

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Keep it coming.

  • Martin B

    It’s about time Nazih got nailed.

    • But he’s just the type of Immigrant Justin favours!

  • Yo Mama

    Nothing will happen. The dogs will get called off.

    Omar and Justin to the rescue of the Islamists.

    • Afraid so, our political class are afraid of Muslims, and they know they are complicit for having allowed mass immigration.

      • Yo Mama

        I don’t think the political class are afraid of them, at least the Liberals aren’t. They see Muslims as a weapon against their opponents not realizing they themselves will be targeted in the end by their own weapon they empowered and imported.

  • Gary

    You mean that a Saudi sunni jew-hater has ties to another pro- hamas jew-haters.
    Justin sure knows how to pick winners.
    Now Justin has to deal with Omar Khadr that was caught about 3 weeks ago contacting an al-qaeda member he met at GITMO along with contacting his family members that Omar’s lawyer said were the evil ones that corrupted him.
    Omar Khadr’s lawyer fought to get Omar his iPhone, now it;s used to go back to terrorism .
    But still not a word from the CBC and STAR or Omar’s lawyer. I wouldn’t be shocked if the RCMP has evidence to link Omar’s lawyer to terrorism because no adult could be that stupid as his lawyer has been.
    I can understand the Liberal Judges because our system is corrupt where you need connections to be a Judge and be a Liberal too.