Video: 60 Minutes (Australia). Breaking Point. Europe’s Migrant Crisis And Sweden’s Crime Wave (Crew Attacked)

60 Minutes (Australia). Breaking Point. Europe's Migrant Crisis And Sweden's Crime Wave (Crew Attacked) from HouseOfFreeman on Vimeo.

h/t JBR

  • Gary

    So sad ….. the Dizzy Blonde that has been part of the problem to deny islamic sloth and violence by these parasites on welfare to label the citizens as islamophobes and racists, has now seen what the Media sewed .
    These traitors and Video tape-worms in the media always looked for the bogus refugee women with sad faced kids wanting a new life. She’s the one calling for more of them as innocent victims .

    Maybe now the media will start telling the truth about muslims and how these is NO work ethic taught in the quran , in fact they use muhammads example to rob and steal from the kafirs which includes Welfare as the women pump out future terrorists for allah.

    Toronto has the same problem and the way the Police hide it is to NOT arrest muslims from certain crimes . Then we have the dolt PM where he goes to a mosque that hid all the hate literature and pro-hamas books while having a charade where they surrounded Justin with happy peaceful muslims that kept him away from the quranic verses to kill jews and gays.

    The main reason the Somalis aren’t going jihad for their own State in Canada is because the majority have No skills to be off welfare and product to run a State. They can’t build cars or radios, don’t make their own clothes , can’t create electricity and may never have enough of the working to pay taxes that support the 60% on welfare.

    • lolwut?

      The Syrian “Migrant” they interviewed seems suspicious as well.
      Claims he showed up in 2015, zero accent, highly educated and good looking.

      I call bullshit on that dude, might be Syrian but I doubt he’s one of them that came in the current wave.

      • Bataviawillem

        That hit me right away to, and a fast majority of the refugees they showed where women and children, who don’t even make up 20% of the refugees.