The Vape Update…

It’s been months since I posted on my switch to vaping from cigarettes so here’s the news.

In May of this year I will have gone without a cigarette for a year.

The last one I smoked – actually I only took a couple of puffs – sits frozen in time in the ashtray on our balcony.

I’m thinking I should get it Bronzed.

The water retention thing is not nearly as bad as it was though it lingers to a small degree.

And I just bought some new gear – The Cleito tank pictured below. Cheap at around 25 bucks.

I gotta say the technology of vaping is advancing and this tank is a marked improvement over the Kanger tanks I was using.

The airflow is vastly improved. One “problem” you burn a lot more vape juice. But it’s a better vape.

The young lady pictured above is demonstrating that vaping is safe even when scantily clad.

Safety first I always say.


  • Jay Currie

    I am relieved to know that vaping is safe while in one’s underwear…

    • Or someone else’s…

      • That’s an important distinction!

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I think someone else vaping in your underwear would be highly dangerous, if not socially awkward.

        • Norman_In_New_York

          In getting into her pants, I prefer condoms.

        • Minicapt

          Would you be wearing the underwear at the time?


    • Doesn’t look all that safe to me…

  • I’m trying to convince my brother and his wife to give up smoking or at least switch to vaping. Can you give me some approximate costs (initial and per week)?

  • pdxnag

    Once upon a time I tried to find a Consumer Reports comparison of vaping options. They considered it but refused, with a little blurb of nonsense.

    • Lots of reviews of gear on Youtube, worth the time to investigate if you are considering buying.

      I recommend you stay away from the e-cigs and get something with a decent wattage, mine does 70 watts

      Even though mine does “temp control” I never use it it seems like a fad, sorta the 3D movies of vaping.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I want to hear more about the current state of vaping from you.
        I quit smoking through vaping and stayed clean for a couple of years until some hard living exGFs caused me to stray from the path of righteousness with their promiscuous use of demon rum and tobacco.

        I want a hardware list and some opinions, like whose batteries do you use, how long between charges, the technicals please. 🙂

        • Battery life is variable with use so what lasts half a day for me may last you all day. My gear has a USB rechargeable battery and you can buy a second battery and recharger so you always have one ready, I have two sets of gear so one is always ready to go on account of the time I spend in the car. Just grab a USB car charger and your good to go.

          I wonder if the the new fast charge technology you see in smart phones will work its way into the larger batteries the vape gear uses.

          The kits always come with their own batteries.

          Mine as mentioned are replaceable.

          I use the Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini 2.0 , with the new Cleito Tank.

          This is actually a good review of eVic kit but I do not use their atomizer (tank).

          I use the Cleito tank

    • Find a vape shop near you at .
      See what the latest options are. Seems like every week there is something new.

  • dagawker

    From Vaping, to mainlining Heroin? The three steps to avoid?
    1) Do not try.
    2) Repeat step one.
    3) You know?

  • 3MileLimit

    Congratulations on the quitting smoking. I tried the vaping and was never satisfied. The cravings never eased for me. The nicotine lozenges are what has made it possible for me. Problem is, I’m now desirous and addicted to these stupid, little capsules torment. Some people can quit smoking ans never look back, and I envy those folks. I’m of the kind that always craves a damn cigarette. I love ’em! =(

    • I use a mild nicotine solution which seems to have helped.

    • Miss Trixie

      3Mile *hugs*

      Fortheloveofmike STOP!

      “Some people can quit smoking and never look back, and I envy those folks.”

      I am a former 36-year pack-and-a-half a day smoker and the freedom is amazing. It’s not that someone can just quit and never look back, it’s that they’ve decided that they’d rather NOT smoke than do. Once you’ve made the decision, it’s only 3 days for the nicotine and cravings to leave your system and the rest is triggers – daily habits associated with your smoking routine that your brain remembers and reminds you. Like the morning coffee, newspaper and smoke. Once the smoke is out of the equation, your brain reminds you that “Hey! We didn’t do this yesterday and where’s the smoke?”

      Just changing the routine or substituting something in place of a sickarette a few times is enough to change the brain’s thinking pattern and it won’t bug you again.

      Lots to know – believe me. 🙂 Go ahead and read up:

    • John

      LIke M.T. below, I smoked about a pack and a half a day for 35 years. I quit cold-turkey 8 years ago. It was very difficult ( kept reaching for my shirt pocket where I used to keep my smokes), but after a few months things changed.

      I got up one morning, had my two cups of coffee, listened to the news, went to work, ate breakfast ( at my desk) and then, at about ten o’clock headed off to another office. On my way there, I stopped at a red light right next to which was a bus stop. There was a guy there smoking. I looked at him and realized for the first time that I could drink coffee, eat breakfast and go a good five hours ( I get up at 5 AM) without even thinking about a cigarette.

      I grabbed onto that five hours like a life buoy and a year later was going 5 days without thinking about smoking.

      It’s not so much about cravings ( they disappear fast enough) but rather about intensely ingrained behavior routines that need to be battled, ‘kicked’.

      You can relearn to enjoy a coffee or a beer or indeed any activity without needing a butt to go with them…honest.

  • Shebel

    These E-cigarettes are lifesavers.

    I love to smoke. The damage is probably done—- but—
    What I can say is that I am one of those smokers that wheezed like a fucking train.

    I honestly can’t believe the difference with E cigarettes.
    I don’t wheeze much— That alone is strange.

    These fucking health specialists – under the pay of the tobacco companies–
    Can ALL go fuck themselves.

  • ntt1

    I recommend heavily sampling first rate craft beers; nature’s natural diuretic, look at the beauty sitting there ,absolutely no need for diuretics in that case. if the urge to wear skimpy underwear starts to manifest ,( a small risk)simply back off on the craft beer consumption by a few litres

    • Got it;)

    • Shebel

      More like Crafty people pretending to brew beer.

      • ntt1

        Crafty because the market forces them to be,
        Even the molsen monolith is cracking under the strain and resuming making beer albeit on a very limited scale,they still douche the country with metallic gaseous horse piss.

  • Kell

    If those of you at this site who pray would be kind enough to mention Ole’ Kell in your talks with the Lord, I’m about 3 days from laying them down myself! I made a promise to my kids, whom I’m raising alone for 13 yrs. now, that I would quit, and strongly believe a man MUST keep his word! Going to cold turkey it though, tried the patches, Chantix, meds, nastier tasting smoke, nothing…gonna put them down and FIGHT!
    I WILL return the kindness should my prayers ever be requested, ok?