Safe Schools And Marriage Equality


“Safe Schools” has nothing to do with safety. It has everything to do with sexually educating your children in the way the Left wants them educated while parents remain unaware.

  • Gary

    Ben Levin made sure that Wynne’s Government would get the homoerotic sex-ed guide into the Public school to corrupt little girls and open up the minds of boys to the Men2Boys romance and sex.

    We all knew it even when the Lesbian Premier cry homophobia just as attacking Terrorist muslims gets you the cries of islamophobia.

    • JoKeR


  • mesopotamian crow

    That is so correct. There are more 1,000,000 times more in fact, teachers sexually abusing kids than priests, but no journalist will even report that. In saying this, I don’t think any abuse to kids is ok, but the facts are that these folks have your kids from birth in daycare through high school. This is why this generation is in serious trouble. This is how they control them and make them dependent, sexual, drug addicted generation. Liberalism steals, kills and destroys, sound familiar?

  • V10_Rob

    Putting your kids into the public system is child abuse.