New York, SC consider registry of refugees

Refugee Line

“While the state may lack the ability to block refugees from coming here, we do have the authority and responsibility to begin tracking who these people are, where they are coming from and to monitor the situation for potential threats”

  • V10_Rob

    I hope they don’t expect that to do much good, unless it involves surveillance so invasive that Orwell would blush. Fingerprinting and a year of monitoring?

    The proposed laws are setting off CAIR and the rest of the “DATS RACIST!” crowd. Maybe that’s the point.

  • mauser 98

    ,,,story needs some salt

    Cuomo of NY , Nikki Haley of SC will never register illegals
    Cuomo and whack DiBlasio gave illegals drivers licences to let them vote
    Cuomo’s NY Safe act does require registering all ammunition

  • tom_billesley

    Register of “Refugees”. That’s the same as a passenger list isn’t it?

  • Millie_Woods

    More proof that Trump has moved the Overton window.

  • simus1

    DNA, fingerprints, and photo-ed every which way for identifying marks, etc.
    Tooth enamel analysis databases to determine where they are really from would also be nice.
    That should be the minimum hurdle.

    • tom_billesley

      DNA on record for Rapefugees? That’s oppressive.

  • Gary

    Beware of the Welfare scams like we have in canada where refugees file for Welfare in several Provinces because there is no central Welfare list.

    New comers think we are Suckers for being so easy to cheat , but that’s because in the old canada we didn’t have lazy parasites with no shame that would make a choice to bilk welfare .
    Today we are taking in far too many sloth’s and we actually have a Policy for housing where a percentage must be reserved for non-citizens that parachute into Canada for the welfare to stick the taxpayers wit the bill.

    Justin plans to drive up the debt from $630 Billion to around $750 billion to help buy the 2019 Election since it worked so well for Wynne and Obama.