How politicians duck the blame for terrorism

Politicians Rally

By taking up the cause of the Syrian and Libyan opposition and destroying the Syrian and Libyan states, France and Britain opened the door to Isis and should share in the blame for the rise of Isis and terrorism in Europe.

  • huron

    huh hello is that an alarm clock riiiiinnngggging

    • H

      They’ve hit the snooze button about a dozen times already: I think it’s jammed.

  • V10_Rob

    “It’s not my fault! Terrorists are trying to kill you because you’re racist for opposing me.”

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Braveheart was treacle but these people ‘marching’ in the street is tripe.

  • Apart from the blame for events in the Mideast, the present migrant crisis could have been stopped if right from the beginning ‘refugee’ boats from Asia and Africa to Europe were towed back and blown up. If Europe had shown its firm will to not allow even one illegal immigrant, they would have stopped coming immediately. As soon as the Muslims saw Europe’s lack of will, they rushed in en masse.

  • JoKeR
  • simus1

    These filthy politicians and their backers can make money off the refugee scam and fragment their societies at the same time. Good times for them.

  • Gary

    Justin will wear the Rape-gang crisis when it starts to fill the media reports even if the CBC and STAR deny it and condone the Rapes.

    Jian got away with his rapes because the CBC board room was full of rapists and quasi pedohiles that were in no spot to point the finger at Jian.