Enlightened Muslim Cleric Explains “Where Whores and Homos Come From”

  • He’s right on top of things he is.

  • DMB

    That was the Shia version. Now here is the Sunni version of homosexuality. https://youtu.be/LMB_p2gc4RY

    • Shebel

      Muslims sure are a funny bunch of Homosexuals.

      They sodomize each other so that they can justify KILLing us.

      I guess that is one way to Put it.

      • Barrington Minge

        Hmm, I thought homosexual activity between mooslims resulted in roof-diving….?

    • Dana Garcia

      There’s no pervert like a Muslim pervert. They are in another league.

    • Um, is this where we get the famous Islamic saying, “The mean will justify any access to your end?”

  • ontario john

    There you go with that Islamophobia nonsense again. I’m sure he just joking.

    • Minicapt

      … poking.


  • He’s speaking metaphorically, haters!

  • Shebel

    Justin is watching and learning.

    • Alain

      I suspect Justin is already well experienced just like Obama.

  • Alain

    Islam’s Age of Enlightment.

  • Ed

    What the hell does it mean when the finger goes up the nose?????????

    • Shebel

      I don’t know . I thought it was an inside Jewish joke .

      • Ed

        I stuck my finger in my ear yesterday. I bet I’m the twelfth imam.

        • Shebel

          Did you stick it in your arse?

    • Minicapt
  • marty_p

    I wonder if John (I refuse to come out of the closet) Moore on News Talk 1010 in Toronto knows this,

  • To become a Shiite Imam you must study the Quran with your right thumb in your mouth and the other up your anus and switch hands every fifteen minutes for three years. To become a Sunni Imam start with the left.

    • Shebel

      Such disrespect.
      No wonder they are all Crazy.

  • Gary

    That must have been one of the mosques that Justin goes to .

  • gxp01

    Muslim talk show host talks about how to beat your wife: https://tr.im/TNpmY