Donald Trump and Counter-Jihad

Counter-jihadis are frustrated people. We see truths that others ignore. Jihad’s death toll increases daily. We hope for a turning point, perhaps a charismatic public champion or a social media icon to propagate our movement.

The perfect public relations gimmick can change the landscape overnight.

  • When a democrat’s daughter is gang raped in broad daylight, or gays are thrown off the roof in San Francisco, or women are attacked with acid in shopping malls, the grassroots anti-Islamic moment will arrive.

    But the media will blame the right for inciting the violence – and we will be punished.

    • Count on it.

      • Trump’s blowing the horn.

        And the masses like it.

        Who give a crap what the pundits say?

    • Exile1981

      Look at the women waving placards saying “rape lasts 30 seconds, racism is forever”… some of them will not even change their tune if they are raped by muslims

      • level of Consciousness

        Islam is not a race.

      • bob e

        how much is 30 seconds X 100 rapists X 2 goes each ??

        • Exile1981

          about as long as a typical victimology class at unniversity – 100 minutes

      • V10_Rob

        Not just hyperbole. Look at victims in Sweden and Germany apologizing to their attackers.

      • lolwut?

        That’s a fake story and based on another fake story created
        by someone with really bad Photoshop skills who created
        a fake ad they claimed was being posted in subways in Germany
        by the government.

        • Exile1981

          the fake ad was based on a real comment by a leftist who daid she would rather be raped for 30 seconds than considered a racists for life.

      • Hate Crime In Progress

        Far be it from me to brag but all my rapes last at least a minute and a half.

        Maybe I just attract a better class of rapist.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Nope. They will whine and plead and beg forgiveness and promise to be more accepting the next time. My BiL is a French communist and trust me, you can screw his wife in front of his eyes and he doesn’t care. But if you fail to take him as seriously as he does there will be boxing.

      • You could be right. Perhaps I was overly optimistic yesterday when I wrote that. 😉

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Sorry, author, but no other presidential candidate has gone beyond platitudes like Trump. If you want a presidential candidate who counters jihad, Trump will have to do until the real thing comes along.

    • Minicapt

      Yes, but he says the things that will get published, rather than that which he has plans to fix.


      • lolwut?

        Being able to say it at all is the first step in dealing with it.

        Political Correctness is what’s getting people killed and countries destroyed….. Trump is curb stomping it..

        It’s not that hard to get.

  • bob e

    easy does it ..stating there is a problem was a big deal & banning
    new muslim immigrants produced gasps .. lot a things on the menu here.
    can’t be releasing atomic explosions too soon .. all in good time, mate
    all in good time ..