Trump Protest: “What Do We Want? DEAD TRUMP!”

Trump Protesters Roadblock

Sooner or later, the leftist protest movement comes for everyone who isn’t them. And maybe next time it will be one of you, one of us, they are wishing death upon.

  • canminuteman

    Aren’t liberals always going on about tolerance? I guess it must be other liberals. Either that or they are just lying scumbags.

    • Xavier

      They just cannot grasp that tolerance means putting up with something you don’t agree with: everyone must conform to their worldview or be silenced.

    • Must be those Nazi Liberals.

      • V10_Rob

    • bargogx1

      They mean everyone else should be tolerant. See, when liberals are being intolerant it’s ok, because they’re doing it in the name of tolerance.

      • AH!

        • African

          Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, Republican establishment, White leftists all Hate Trump for his common sense, Truthful speeches.

          • Gary

            It’s shared-hatred for the West and Jews.
            The BLM’s are King Obama’s Brown Shirt street thugs that are paid to riot and make death threats.

            The vast majority of Legal Immigrants support Trump because they too are fed-up with seeing most of their pay check going to the Obama’s Ward’s Of The State and street thugs plus free heath care to illegals.

    • These clowns are driving large numbers of voters to vote for Trump.

      Nice job idiots.

  • Denis

    my big old pickup truck can move these white POS!

  • johnbrooks3

    I give it a month or two and we’ll be reading about an assassination…it’s the American way.

  • Xavier

    Let me show you how a Southern boy does it.

  • Goldcoaster

    its sad, really, that these sheep have been brainwashed. they are simply carrying out The Establishments wishes.
    Costing themselves JOBS. IDIOTS, they are.

  • UCSPanther

    I’d bring in a Cat 980 log loader to clear the streets…