UK’s Channel 4 highlights raids on unmarried Muslim couples in Malaysia

Religious Police Raid

The team of officers are shown visiting various budget hotels in the city, checking the register at each stop. Arriving at the premises, the enforcers would scan for Muslim names on the hotel register before knocking on those rooms. Married Muslim couples will have to produce a marriage license to avoid arrest.

  • Blacksmith

    No hanky panky without a marriage license?

  • simus1

    The politics in Malaysia is basically a competition in massive hypocrisy between the Crazy Muslims On The Take Party and The Fanatic Islamic Sharia Thieves Party. The CMOTTP has held power since independence and the head of the FISTP circulates in and out of prison on sodomy charges (real or imagined or possibly a mixture of both, no one is quite sure).

  • DMB

    There must be a lot of temporary intercourse marriages (Muta) going on in Indonesia and even those type of “marriages” require a licence. So for the Indonesian government this is a win win situation for them by keeping the appearance of being morally Pius while at the same time being able to collect a sin tax as a revenue tool.

  • Clinton

    Who travels with their marriage license?

    • AlanUK

      In Malaysia, any married couple that doesn’t want to be arrested.
      (Don’t assume they will stick with Moslems.)

      • Frances

        Well then, scratch Malaysia for the next vacation.

        • AlanUK

          Surprisingly enough, I already had!