The Toronto Star Actually Published This Apologist Crap: ‘How has ‘Allah’ become code for ‘terrorism’?

“As facts gradually emerge about Monday’s stabbing at a Canadian Forces recruitment centre in Toronto, one detail in particular has attracted special attention. “Allah told me to do this, Allah told me to come here and kill people,” the accused allegedly said, prompting conjecture that the attack may have been an act of “terrorism.” These comments “fit the profile” of a “terrorist,” Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders commented — even as he cautioned against the “Islamophobia nonsense” and stereotyping of Muslims almost-inevitably generated by announcements of “terrorist” incidents involving Muslims.”

Well gee…  I dunno…

TROPMaybe it’s the fact that your co-cultists have had a tendency to scream the name of your murder cult’s idol “Allah” while committing many of the 28009 MUSLIM TERROR ATTACKS that have taken place since 911



Maybe it has something to do with  the fact the RCMP says the 600 Mounties they have working on counter-terrorism isn’t nearly enough.

Maybe it’s the fact that the author of  the Star article couldn’t name a single Islamic state that doesn’t persecute it’s religious and ethnic minorities.

Maybe it has something to do with the nearly 2 dozen terrorist plots that have been disrupted by CSIS – and that’s ONLY since the autumn of 2015!

Or perhaps it has something to do with the astonishing  announcement that  50-55 per cent of CSIS’ budget is devoted to reigning in your devout co-cultists in the The Religion of Peace? 

And don’t spew that nonsense that  your murder cult Islam isn’t Canada’s main terror threat, not when 60 of your fellow murder cultists have returned to Canada and 180 remain “In Country” fighting in the name of that despicable false god you call “Allah”.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Islam is a violent supremacist cult? 


The media in Canada are enablers of Muslim terrorism, the Star’s publication of this apologist tripe is merely one example of that “Islamophobia nonsense”.

  • The sheer number of rhetorical questions and “scare” “quotes” makes the guy’s article difficult to read, never mind laugh at.

    • So typical of the Star and Canada’s media in general to publish this sort of bullshit. The MSM simply cannot be trusted.

      • Yeah, but this time it’s as though they weren’t even trying to be serious. The article is so sophomoric.

        • They are bent on tolerating themselves to death.

          • Zaba

            PC will be the death of us.

  • Islamic reality denial is the reason why Trump is winning.

    People are fed up with this PC BS.

    Islam is a death cult.

  • Zaba

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact ……

    Nice try with all those ‘fake’ proofs.
    islam, they say, is the religion of peace……

    • So I’m told, and the mounting death count proves it!

  • Gary

    The CBC was giving air time to Sheema Khan even when her islamic org CAIR was funding hamas terrorism.
    The cbc seems to think that a jew-hating homophobic org like CAIR is a moderate voice for muslims .

    • The CBC is an ass.

      • David Murrell

        Fur, at the risk of boasting, last Friday I actually won(!) a complaint made to the CBC ombudsman concerning an utterly one-sided propaganda piece on the CBC web page a few months ago:

        Ths is the first time in my life I ever got the ombudsman to ever agree with me, having lost four straight complaints before this one. Next week I will be complaining about an atrocious CBC web page story, which copied a good La Presse story about radical Muslims taking over a library at a Montréal CEGEP. Only the CBC purged all mention of Muslims –a story featured on BCF.

        • WalterBannon

          good work keep it up david

        • Good work David!

      • Gary

        The Toronto paper METRO is just as bad because the weekend edition did a feature on Islamophobia and the rise in hate-crimes. But the Writer could only cite the 3 hoaxes by muslims last year right after the Paris slaughter by muslims.
        METRO didn’t do an update on these hoaxes and caused people to infer they were valid. They also posted a photo of a anti-islamophobia rally by white people showing support for the rights of muslims to be safe in Canada.
        What METRO also did was post the Police reports for hate-crimes
        during 2014 and 2015 to show the rise as if to be a crisis. Except that the majority of hate crimes were to jews and done by muslims just as we see for the USA when CAIR claims that hate-crimes are up.
        Most morons reading this story would not notice that the Police reported close to 300 acts of hate but pointed out just 19 Arrests as a valid hate-crime to be charged.
        There was NO , I repeat NO number for Conviction in the Courts out of the 16 arrests.

        This has been a ruse by muslims for years now to incite hatred for Canada and incite muslim males to jihad in Canada for the faux war on muslims.
        CAIR is the hamas funding islamic org that had Dr.Sheema Khan use the CBC and her OP-ED in the Globe to spew lies about hate-crimes to muslims which may have incited the Toronto-18 terrorists to plot a bombing in TO to slaughter 5000+ of us because out troops were killing their fellow muslims brothers in the taliban.
        Khan’s OP-ED appeared on the CAIR website to fool msulims as being a factual News report because I caught this weasel making sure that CAIR left her name off the op-ed to seem like a Globe&Mail story by a reporter with no bias.
        Don’t forget, it was CAIR and Ms.Khan that defended the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists as innocent along with her attacking the muslim man that worked with the RCMP to stop the plot seeing its fruition.

        If the bombs had gone off and 5000+ people were slaughtered, Khan would have blood on her hands and I would expect that she would be arrested and charged as complicit for protecting terrorists and inciting hatred for Canada into muslims youths.

    • David Murrell

      Fur, a good rebuttal to an obnoxious Star op-ed. A word about the writer Azeezah Kanjih. She belongs to an organization called “the Noor Cultural Centre”:

      A quickie survey of their web site (above) shows that they are a registered charity; they work with York University with an endowed chair in “Islamic Studies”; and the Centre supposedly is mandated to showcase “Islamic culture”.

      I looked at their 2014 financial data, on the CRA charities web site, and came up with some interesting findings. They own a $5-million building in Toronto, which is expensive to run (they show the building on their web site, and advertise that there is “space to rent”). But in 2014, the group only took in $77-thousand in total revenues, but spent some $550-thousand. How can ths be? Well, their “liabilities” ledger says they owe some $9-million to somebody. So this pro-Islamist group is in hock big time, and is spending cash from that loan. Their 2014 filings say that the charity spent only $19,000 on charitable activities, this out of $550,000 total spending. So a complaint to the CRA is in order.

      • Thanks David, do file that complaint and let me know if i can help.

  • ontario john

    The Star, the rest of the media, and politicians refuse to use the words muslim, islam, or anything connected to their bat shit crazy religion whenever terrorism is involved. The current word they like to use is Daesh. It sounds so secular. The ever brave Star did have a story today on the evil Christian Bible. They certainly would never have a similar story debunking the islamic holy book. They would be too afraid of the violence against them. And it would go against the left wing partnership with islam.

    • V10_Rob

      Christians need to take a few heads, at which point the media will be falling over itself to excuse abortion clinic bombers and militia cultists.

  • moraywatson

    Absolutely spot on ! The “islamophobia nonsense” is coming from the Chief Saunders and Toronto Stars of this world.

    • They propagate a dangerous myth, look to Europe their today is our tomorrow.

    • David Murrell

      The Thursday Globe and Mail edition featured a Doug Saunders column trying to “explain” the grassroots anti-immigrant phenomenon going on. Needless to say, the column is unintended self-parody satirizing Saunders’s snooty elitism.

  • k1962

    What a stupid newspaper. I just perused a couple of other article that were ridiculous. I refused to buy that paper back in the late 80’s because of their anti-Israel bias at the time and now I wouldn’t buy it for other radical leftwing stances that they take. With media like that (and the CBC etc), the Liberals are a shoe in for another term.

  • k1962

    …And maybe if local Muslims didn’t worship AND protect the terrorists in their midsts, Paris anyone, people wouldn’t be suspicious of their fellow Muslim citizens.

    • Given that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam how is it that the Islamic community keeps producing so many murderous Islamic terrorists?

      It’s a mystery!

      • k1962

        Too bad Dr. Seuss is dead. Maybe he could have written a children’s book all about it!

  • luna

    One need look no further than Allah’s apostle to understand Allah is code for terror.

  • reidjr

    2016 Will be the year Canada becomes a Islamic state just look at the demands by the left look at the media love affair with islam.

  • JohnfromToronto

    The National Post has also published her crap.

  • Blacksmith

    Someone needs to take that 28006 figure and tattoo it on chief Mark Saunders forehead, friggin leftist moron.

  • Sid Falco

    The Globe and Mail said he had said “a higher power” made him do it – sounds more glamorous than a “a paedophile made him do it” I suppose.

  • David

    Ilan Halimi a parisian Jew is held in a paris apartment and tortured for 24 days. It is inconceivable the the muslims living in the area did not hear his anguished cries. They knew a crime was being committed but being muslims they agreed with the captors or were too afraid to speak up. A small number of murderous muslims can cow a large number into silence for fear of retribution. I expect this is going on in muslim communities the world over. The neighbours of the killer caught yesterday in brussels knew he was there but did nothing. This is what leads me to believe that muslims are not fit to live amongst us. They can not be trusted on any level.

    Ilan Halimi was burned over 80% of his body and tossed on a roadside. He died on the way to hospital.