Students freak out after teacher shows video of ISIS beheading

A Bronx middle-school teacher rattled her students — including one who was near tears — by showing an ISIS video of a terrorist beheading a journalist, documents show.

South Bronx Academy for Applied Media veteran Alexiss Nazario faced termination, but was let off with a $300 fine last summer after acknowledging she made a mistake by not previewing the clip or getting the principal’s permission.

  • AlanUK

    Would she have got the principal’s permission if she had asked??

  • T.C.

    Good for her. She understands who the enemy is. Her employers obviously don’t.

    • I agree, those kids need to be made aware of Islam.

      • David Murrell

        Remember the snuff films, from South America, that would circulate underground 40 years sgo? Now, the Islamic State proudly show their snuff films.

    • vimy

      Glad she showed it but I would have been more impressed if she owned it instead of saying she made a mistake after the fact

    • Kathy Prendergast

      These were only middle school students, i.e. 13 to 16 years old; I don’t agree with forcing people this age to watch such things. I don’t think anyone should be forced to watch anything against their will, frankly; no matter how well-intended, doing such a thing brings to mind the brainwashing/deprogramming scenes in A Clockwork Orange where they force Alex’s eyes open. It’s a violation. I’ve never watched a beheading video and yet I am fully aware of what ISIS is and what Islam is. You don’t necessarily have to rub people’s noses in the gore to get a point across.

      • Hate Crime In Progress

        And yet – it would appear that you do 🙁

      • T.C.

        Except the beheading was “forced” on the victim, wasn’t it? I’m sure that was against the victims wishes as well. The video of the beheading is “forced” onto the internet as a instrument of terror, again against the wishes of a lot of people.

        I can understand how you feel. But on the other hand I can remember how the real brutality of this savage religion hit home when I started seeing uncensored images of its victims on the internet. These were the same images that had been censored and sanitized by the main stream media in newspapers and on TV. The bombing of the Boston Marathon was one of those. I remember some mainstream publication with sanitized photos from Boston. Lots of pictures of smoke and several female cops running around with pistols drawn. Those gave the false impression that nothing had really happened. It wasn’t until I encountered the raw photos of the victims of Boston on BNI that the murderous hypocrisy of these enablers of islamic propaganda really hit home.

        I see BCF posting videos like these, but that’s because somebody has to. The MSM certainly won’t . I don’t watch them. I have never watched them. Don’t need to. The Boston photos were enough. But BCF does us a valuable service with these postings by reminding us that this is normal, and all to regular behavior by these savages. And those kids will see the murderous results of this insane cult sooner or later. One can only hope that it will be in classroom with a factual question and answer session – just like the drinking and driving snuff films I used to get when I underwent driver ed at 16 – and not as victim-participants in a terrorist video. Maybe if they know what islam is capable of, they won’t find themselves in the later situation. And maybe they won’t find themselves the victims of socialist politicians who turn their countries over to hoardes of cultists who indulge in recreational gang rape of infidels.

        And as for Alex – he was a sociopath who destroyed peoples lives. He got what was coming to him. I do not find him a sympathetic character.

        • Kathy Prendergast

          I’m in total agreement about Alex; of course he’s a horrible character and I think the audience is meant to find him totally repugnant, but that doesn’t make the brainwashing scene in the movie any less disturbing. And yes, of course the victim of the beheading had no choice, but two wrongs don’t make a right. I absolutely believe that we are at war with Islam, no matter what our political leaders say, but I don’t believe in making our kids fight our battles for us before they’ve had a chance to grow up. There was a lot of bad shit going on in the world when I was in my teens, too (eg., Cambodia, terrorist hijackings, the Jonestown mass suicide…) but I was never forced by my parents or teachers to look at graphic images from any of these events in order to fully understand them.

      • WalterBannon

        i watched one, and one was enough for me

        i will always hate muslims now

    • V10_Rob

      She initially blamed a student for running the clip, then admitted fault herself, saying it was an accident, apologized.

      Sounds like a straight up bonehead act. Was neither meant to indoctrinate kids on how wonderful ISIS is, nor was it some kind of scared-straight wake up to the dangers of islam.

  • Minicapt

    This was, of course, in the tough borough of New York City.


  • lolwut?

    Good, I have a bunch of ISIS videos on my phone and tablet for showing people
    who just don’t get it.

  • Good.

    Maybe it will shock the “Grand Theft Auto” crowd.

  • DaninVan

    Delicate little princesses needed a shot of reality…certainly won’t get it from TV news.
    Maybe a slim chance that these ‘traumatized’ students will start questioning the pc line.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    And they thought they were used to *reality* shows. No, kiddo, *this* is reality.

  • simus1

    It’s just ordinary child abuse perpetrated by a sicko who is a member of a powerful government union. No biggie.

  • WalterBannon

    snowflakes had a lot of cognitive dissonance that day from being triggered by the facts about peaceful islam