Stabby Muslim is shot dead after attack on Israeli border guard in the West Bank

A Palestinian teenager Fakeistinian Muslim was shot dead after stabbing and wounding an Israeli border guard in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, Israeli police have confirmed.

One guard received minor injuries in the incident, which occurred today near a disputed place of worship, before another guard killed the assailant.

Palestinian officials have named the youth as 18-year-old Abdallah Ajluni. Earlier police had given his age as 17.

  • Xavier

    No. No. No. “Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Teen”.

  • moraywatson

    Don’t let Chief Saunders hear about this, or else he’ll be going apoplectic about the “islamophobia nonsense” that has now sprung a leak in Israel.

    • David Murrell

      Doug Saunders supports Islamic-based war crimes. Because of his extremist-ideological position, the Globe ad Mail promoted him to London bureau chief.

  • Mal

    “Earlier police had given his age as 17.”
    Not to worry. It’ll get as low as 12 soon enough, depending where you read about it.

  • Observer

    I am waiting for the Toronto Star story which will probably read something like as follows:

    Israeli Soldiers Murder Another Innocent Palestinian Child

    A blood-thirsty Israeli Soldier purposely ran into a poor Palestinian child’s 10-inch pocket knife as an excuse to execute him on the excuse of “self-defense”. This is the twentieth incident this month of Israeli’s running into the knives of poor Palestinians as part of the Zionist government’s Islamophobic “run into a knife today” program.

    Please support peace in the Middle East by donating a knife today to the Red Crescent to replace all the ones seized by the Israeli Government from poor innocent Palestinian children who just wanted to peel their fruit or learn to whittle!

    • David Murrell


    • marty_p

      The Trudope Liberal Govt announced today that in an effort to provide a more balanced relationship with both parties in the Israel/Palestine conflict that Canada is taking a leading role in funding the UN “Knives for Palestine” campaign.
      The new UN Agency is to be called UNKPA – United Nations Knives for Palestine Agency.

  • Barrington Minge

    Well done Israel. Stabby stabby mooslim equals Deady deady mooslim. Result!