The neo-Nazi manifesto targeting single mothers and mentally ill that AfD doesn’t want you to see

AFD Rally

A leaked election manifesto has revealed that Germany’s vote-winning new anti-immigrant party has plans for draconian laws which would discriminate against handicapped children, single mothers, and the mentally ill – and oblige history teachers to end a perceived  “over-emphasis” on the Nazi era in schools.

That sets a record for lies and propaganda in a single sentence. Leftists may be evil and insane but they are masters at the manipulation of language.

  • Xavier

    Plane crash in southern Russia, 61 passengers and 8 crew killed.

  • Exile1981

    That article is so biased its a crock of shit.

  • V10_Rob

    Oh look, allegations that a person or party on the right, who are enjoying an uptick in the polls, are worse than Hitler.

    You’ve cried wolf far too often. Their platform could explicitly call for eating babies, and we wouldn’t listen or care, because everything you print is a calculated misrepresentation.

  • 3MileLimit

    Seeing this picture of proud Germans, trying to claw back their country out of the grip of insane Regressives and mujahideen, makes my heart swell.

  • Gary

    Wait, aren’t the Liberals progressives the ones in love with Cuba, N.Korea, Communism , Afrcan thugs, and the 57 OIC islamic hell-holes that murder gays?

    Yet now we see the Justin types condemn anyone or any Party that threatens his Dictatorship.
    Obama uses the BLM street thugs as the neo nazi Brown Shirts and he’s the one with a Nobel peace prize just for being black. ????

  • What I’ve seen of the AfD manifesto looks decent to me. What chance have Germans to survive as a people if they do not look for ways and means to address the ‘errors’ of policy that led their country to its present impasse? PC is killing the West.