Jewish Protest Is Planned for Donald Trump’s Speech Before Pro-Israel Group


“This is really a response to the statements he has made throughout the campaign that are Islamophobic — claiming that all of Islam hates us, that he wants to register American Muslims — that’s not what we believe as Jews,” Rabbi Jesse M. Olitzky of South Orange, N.J., said in an interview. “What we’ve learned from our history is that we can’t stand idly by when a leader says those things.”

‘What we’ve learned from our history’, snort. Or as Pam says: Jewicidal.

Bonus: Jewish Jihadis protest IDF support event in New York

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Stay tuned for Rabbi Jesse M. Olitzky’s new children’s book: “The Boy Who Cried Hitler”
    At this point, even if Trump WERE the next “Hitler” the “Hitler card” has been played as much as the “race card” that nobody is even listening anymore.
    Yeah, you don’t like him, but you love the party that practically handed Iran nuclear weapons.

    • Ever seen what happens when a person of colour goes off the “progressive” reservation?

      Suddenly blacks are “Uncle Tom’s etc etc etc, the left are the racists.

  • Waffle

    The Hitler card is definitely the wrong card to play at this time. Never has it proven to be more true that those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

    This time, the existential situation facing North American Jews predates Nazi Germany by about 500 years. This time there are many parallels as to what happened in Spain (history repeats itself but never in quite the same way). As long as we mouth meaningless and erroneous memes about being persecuted by the Inquisition, we will never understand what really happened and what our ancestors might have done if they wanted to continue to live as Jews.

    However, I doubt if we will educate ourselves because we have already drunk the Kool-Ade. We have replaced the laws of Judaism with the fallacies of Progressivism. Unlike our Sephardic ancestors, we are not living in the end stages of the reconquista. The resistance has barely begun.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      “History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.” – Friedrich Engels

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    • Well said Waffle.

  • UCSPanther

    Netorei Karta are traitors and should be treated as such.

  • 3MileLimit

    Maybe there is a far-off land we could send the confused and suicidal Jew, as well as the self-loathing White and wayward Christian that is “Christian, but VERY much socially Liberal.” I’d help pay for their air fair. One can dream.

    • Then they could perfect their “Utopia” and get back to us when they have crafted a shining beacon of mankind instead of the death mills that “socialism” has been for so many millions of victims this century.

    • luna
      • 3MileLimit

        Bibi is, right. But I would really like to see some true acknowledgment from the Jewish community, that are able to see the very supportive Protestants that have financially and verbally and emotionally supported both Israel and the Jewish people, all over the world. We are not a small number, either. The refusal of the Jews to do this is taking its toll on us and making it hard to back the Jewish. I have met very few Jews who genuinely don’t have a loathing for Christians. It’s disheartening. And using the excuse of evil deeds many, many years ago for negative attitudes toward the only people that are helping your people is quite pathetic.

        • “I have met very few Jews who genuinely don’t have a loathing for Christians.”

          That has not been my experience.

  • Ho Hum

    It would be nice if Trump were able to find a way to duck out of this event. The knives will be out for him – and it won’t just be Jews offended by his Muslim comments – the Neocons among this group will be looking to take him out – Trump is facing a no-win situation.

    If you read AIPACS position on various issues you can see why many in this community are not enthused about a Trump Presidency. On Syria – for instance -AIPAC is insistent that Assad be toppled (is this why Obama and Hillary started the disastrous Syrian civil war that cost so many lives? To appease AIPAC?). They don’t seem to care about the fact that if Assad is removed – two million Christians will face extermination (along with other religious and ethnic minorities). AIPAC also claims that Assad has a secret Nuclear program – which is ridiculous. They claim Assad supports Hamas when in fact they are mortal enemies (Hamas provided training for the “moderate” rebels trying to topple Assad)

    They don’t like the fact that Trump has stated he will try to broker a Mid-East peace deal by remaining neutral despite the fact that that is the only way a peace deal is possible – Trump should know – he wrote the Art of the Deal.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      I go along with Trump because he is a quick study in negotiations. Once he realizes to his own satisfaction that the two-state solution is a pipe dream, he will back off and support Israel.

    • k1962

      A peace deal is not possible for one reason. Arabs/Muslims don’t like to share.

  • Ego

    Muslims like suicidal Jews.
    For the short time they leave them alive.

    • We have too many useful idiots of all stripes plating into Islam’s hands.

  • Flyboy

    Last I heard the Israeli military does not allow Muslims within its ranks. Could it be that they believe “all of Islam” hates the Jewish nation? Nah – that would be politically incorrect.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Actually, the IDF does allow Muslims of proven loyalty into its ranks. Most noteworthy are the Bedouin trackers who are skilled at tracing intrusive footprints and other whereabouts. (The Druze minority are not Muslims.)

      • Flyboy

        Thanks for the correction Norman.

    • k1962

      No, they are allowed if they want to serve, but they aren’t forced to do military service.

  • luna

    Most important lesson of history is from the dinosaurs: Evolve or die.

    Nazis are not currently a political threat, however Islamic anti-semitism is. The longer we wait to confront this problem the more extreme the “solution” will be.