Muslim Brotherhood Defenders: ‘We’re Calling For Jihad Because Of Oppression’

WASHINGTON — An Islamist organization sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood defended the Brotherhood’s mission of “uncompromising jihad.”

  • pdxnag

    The mere existence of unbelief anywhere on earth is quite enough, under Islam, to wage defensive Jihad. (If I recall Anjem Choudary’s words correctly; specifically as to America.)

    • Murder is central to Islam. That is immutable.

      • pdxnag

        Doesn’t the word “murder” imply that there is something unlawful about their slaughter of non-Muslims? Just a nit pick. I think they authorize and glorify the killing, indeed make it top on the list of ways to get their 72 fictional virgins (alongside hijrah, or invasion/migration to promote Allah).

    • Kell

      Anjem’s a pussy, too! only time he has anything to say is when he’s surrounded by his pussy boys and goat humpers…come out INTO Luton alone and lets see how you do, sissy!
      (again, sorry Cat Fur, Ma’am!)

  • Kell

    Well then, quit hiding behind your women, kids and goats and lets get busy…tired of all the bullshit, anyway! Step up or step off…oh, and your pedophile prophet is sucking donkey dicks in hell and loving it!!
    (sorry Cat Fur Ma’am!)

  • Tokenn

    Any resistance to the spread of Islam is deemed ‘oppression’ by Muslims. Tough.