Good Work Toronto! Earth Hour Sucked Again! – 2014 6% Decrease, 2015 3.5%, 2016 3.2%

You did it for Justin! You did it for Earth Hour!

2014 – a decrease of 6%,  2015 a decrease of 3.5%,  2016 a decrease 3.2%. Way to go!

  • Is it Earth Hour already?

    I had forgotten.

    I only remember REAL holidays.

    Like Easter.

    Merry Candy Day, everyone.

    • Merry Candy day!

    • Frances

      And Happy Resserection to all Christians. This Easter, we will be praying extra had for those of out brethren (and sistren, should you not consider brethren adequately inclusive) who are been martyred or who are facing martyrdom or persecution for their faith.

      • YES!

        • JoKeR

          The smug assurance of being better than everybody else should be limited to the elite 1%.

          6%? Hell no!
          3.5%? Hell no!
          3.2%? People, you aren’t even trying.

          Let’s make the next Earth Day a 1% success!

          • moraywatson

            A 1% increase in usage would give a huge middle finger to our retarded “betters”.

          • See – they should have done the poll in Pyongyang.

      • Kell

        AMEN! Was ‘saved’ on Easter Sunday, 2004…whole world changed afterwards!

  • Xavier

    We’re lit up like Vegas.

  • Blind Druid

    The fading of the popularity of Earth Hour, I hope, is a precursor to the fading of the popularity of the Gullibull Warming hoax. But by then, will the Carbon Taxes be repealed when the hoax is revealed?

    • The party that runs on the repeal of Wynne’s thievery will win the election.

      • Clausewitz

        Yeah well that will not happen in Ontario since Brown went full retard and thinks by joining in on the hoax he will win the election. The man just blew the next election three years before they even start campaigning. And you thought Hudak was bad……..

        • Maybe the NDP will go rogue! I see a new party forming in Ontario, the PC’s are toast.

        • DMB

          No party in Ontario or throughout Canada has ever won on a campaign platform of higher taxes. Only governments who recently won in an election have been able to get away with it. Nobody will believe brown in his claim of it being “revenue neutral” since being forced to pay an additional charge to something is never revenue neutral unless he plains on cutting income taxes or the HST which is doubtful. Brown is a fool.

      • Exile1981

        actually I think the lower drop for earth hour is because so many ontarians have already been pushed into switching to candles because of the high electricity rates.

  • Frances

    So far as I can figure, Earth Hour is just an excuse for restaurants to fire up their stoves early in the day, blasting out carbon into the atmosphere, and then serving said offerings cold (and perhaps chilled in the refrig – check out the emissions there) by candlelight, even while ignoring the emissions from said candles.

    • It’s a silly virtue signalling exercise by the usual suspects.

  • Maurice Miner

    Look, the entire Anthropogenic GW issue has been a “look at me”. I first came across these scoundrels in 2000, and they told me that they were taking up as many Hectares as possible in order to cash in to “carbon credits”.

    I didn’t believe them. Fuck me, I should have!

    No limits at all on insanity!

    • We have out Carbon scam in the works. But I prefer to call it by its true name – extortion.

  • Canadian

    What the hell is earth hour?

  • Exile1981

    damn; i forgot about earth hour. A couple years ago for earth hour we pulled all the light stands out of storage and plugged them in.

  • Jay Currie

    They grow up too soon.

    My twelve year old still believes in the Hour of Power and wandered around the house turning on lights and putting the toaster oven in the open fridge. But my 15 year old has lost the magic. “Is Global Warming even a thing to mock anymore Dad?”

    My work here is done I think.

  • P Haber

    Earth Hour. A make believe exercise in fecklessness. People in Toronto replaced electricity produced by fossil fuel free nuclear power plants with carbon dioxide producing candles.

  • moraywatson

    Turn off my lights during Earth Hour ?! What, and lose advantage of off-peak rates ?!

  • DMB
  • Bernie

    Trudeau and his supporters can go light a Fart if they want to save energy.

  • Gary

    I left a Lamp in my Window to help guide Justin back from the jet flight vacation to St Kitts in the private Gov plane .
    Meanwhile I watch Federal Commercials asking me to vacation in Canada to support our tourism industry .

    Nothing has changed under Justin’s rule because the Lieberal are back and it’s spend spend spend .

  • Samuel

    Earth hour is just as stupid as daylight saving time.