6 áéðåàø 2009ëåçåú öä"ì áôòéìåú ÷ø÷òéú áúåê øöåòú òæä.öéìåí: îúï çëéîé, ãåáø öä"ìJanuary 06, 2009IDF forces during ground maneuvers in the Gaza StripCredit: Matan Hakimi, IDF Spokesperson

Israeli Soldiers Speak Out

The press, the left, and those on college campuses enjoy demonizing the Israeli soldiers by calling them murderers and fascists. But what they espouse is anything but the truth. At the same time, they will never speak of Israelis being knifed to death and Iran’s recent firing of two ballistic missiles. These weapons are capable of reaching Israel and had a statement in Hebrew reading “Israel must be wiped off the earth.” American Thinker (thanks to the organization Stand With Us) had the privilege of speaking with some former Israeli soldiers about their views.