Goodwill employees find hand grenades in donation

Police Car Lights

I would have bought them.

  • People just don’t know the value of a good grenade anymore.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Toss them into the recycle bin, then we all win!

    • El Martyachi
      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Back in 1997, as part of my son’s Halloween costume as a soldier, I bought him a few practice grenades (blue stripes) to wear on his very well done WWII style army uniform.
        He wore his grenades to school that (other than the blue stripe across the top) were indistinguishable from actual grenades because they WERE actual grenade casings, with pins and spring loaded arming spoons and everything.
        Nobody cared.
        Can you imagine sending your kids to school with practice grenades as part of a legitimate Halloween costume these days?
        My God, you would be prosicuted as a fellon.
        That’s how insane we have become.

        • El Martyachi

          My dad would walk or ski with his .22 to school for rabbits along the way. Kids would bring their deer rifles for show and tell – this was the ’60s.

        • Kell

          LOL…could you imagine dressing up as a soldier for Halloween today, almost anywhere? My, how times have changed, never thought I’d see the day the US military would become what it has! Glad I got out before the PC bullshit started…US Army Airborne Infantry, birdshit & fools, folks! LMAO

        • They’d throw away the key.

  • It was a typo, the boss jihadi meant to text his suicide stooge that he should detonate, missed the “t” and spell check substituted “donate”. Turns out that, like so many of their bombs, they were duds anyway. Makes you wonder How many “shoe bombers and underwear bombers don’t make the news reports- The underwear guy made a typo out of himself- the dude burned off his nuts and now he’s a dud.

  • Kell

    Used to knw a boy back in the day (30 yrs or more) who sold real US army issue frags for $25 a piece…oh, my mis-spent youth! Harley’s, wine and women…not a terribly bad way too come up, I guess! LOL

  • DMB